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Assembling a team with no hybrids

Dear all, I know this may sound illogical but I’m trying to assemble a team consisting of only non-hybrid dinosaurs.

  1. Do you think it’s possible to do well in the arenas with such a team?
  2. Which Dinos do you think would make this team as strong as possible?

My current team consists of:

  1. Lvl 11: Epic T-Rex
  2. Lvl 12: Carbonemys, Argentinosaurus and Hatzegopteryx
  3. Lvl 14: Manjungasaurus and Einiosaurus
  4. Lvl 15: Epic Stygimoloch and Miragaia

I’m currently at 1211 trophies.

Would love to hear from the opinions of all of you.

There are a good bit of purists who don’t use hybrid dinos in the arena that do fairly well. I recommend reaching out to some of them and discussing strategy and team draft with them. I personally wouldn’t recommend majunga because its honestly the worst dino in the game in my opinion. I would recommend you put tany in or another higher speed dino. Tany works well because it has good stats across the board for a fast dino and it handles erlidom ok and it handles indo g1 pretty well. Or you can add another tank. Tany is the only non hybrid i use so im sure there are better alternatives though.

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@Colin_Goodman is one of those players I believe

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If so i definitely recommend speaking to him. Using only nom hybrids and doing well can be a bit difficult at times so definitely get pointers from the players who do well with it and go from there.

Hi Ryker,

Thank you so much for your replies. I haven’t confirmed my final team yet. Yes, i’ll definitely have to bring in some fast creatures.

Most likely it’ll either be Tanycolreus as you recommended, Dilophosaurus, or maybe Blue, but it may be difficult to attain enough DNA for epic dinos.

Thanks @Tielenaar. The only hybrids I use are the two movie canonical ones, Indominus and Indoraptor. Otherwise I only use actual prehistorics animals. At the moment I’m playing theme teams with that concept in mind.

I find battles much more enjoyable now and even without the op hybrids i do quite well.

My Theme Team Experiment.

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Hi Colin, thanks for your reply. I love and agree with your idea of playing this game for fun instead of trying to climb all the way up the trophies count.

Let’s see how far my non-hybrid teams can take me. Not going for hybrids also make this game much less of a grind.

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Agreed. I also have set myself he task of getting all of them to level 20. Without wasting coin and time on hybrids, I’m getting there very quickly.