Assembling the Heroes

Choose and outfit your heroes, and the play the way you want to play!

Create Your Party

  • Bring the heroes needed for the Quest or Challenge event
  • Bring the heroes who would most benefit from the XP boost from Explore or Challenge mode

Equipping Your Heroes

  • Don’t just equip the rarest gear for each hero and hope for the best.
    • High-level commons can give better stat bonuses than low-level epics
  • Choose the gear that gives your heroes the abilities you need to get through the next chapter in Exploration mode, or the next Challenge
    • Facing lots of creatures who start too close for comfort?
      • Use gear with PUSH effects to move them away
      • Choose gear that targets entire zones
    • Facing creatures with TAUNT or STEALTH?
      • Choose gear that targets enemies at random, or gear that targets zones instead of individual creatures
    • Facing sturdy creatures with high stats?
      • Choose gear that deals multiple strikes
      • Choose gear that gives heroes a boost to ATK or DMG
      • Choose gear that gives heroes a better change to score Critical Hits
      • Choose gear that gives creatures a penalty to their stats
      • Choose gear with INJURE effects to deal damage over time
      • Choose gear with DISARM or STUN effects to buy some time
    • Facing creatures who hide in the back rows?
      • Choose gear with PULL effects to move them closer to your heroes
      • Choose gear that lets your hero move for an extra zone
      • Choose gear that has a longer range
  • Choose abilities to boost your allies
    • HEAL abilities to make combat last longer
    • REGENERATE abilities to have a steady source of healing
    • RESTORE abilities to remove unpleasant debuffs
    • TAUNT abilities to draw enemy attacks to the strongest hero
    • BLOCK abilities to reduce the amount of incoming damage
    • REFLECT DAMAGE and COUNTERATTACK to make sure your enemies are damaged even on their turns
    • LIFEDRAIN to deal damage and steal a little HP for your heroes!
    • Ability buffs to increase your allies’ chances to hit, avoid being hit, deal max damage
  • Don’t overlook wondrous items! Those passive abilities can be real life-savers

For the Soul of Frostsilver, stack heroes 2 deep in front of it. The push wand wall erection will fail. For that challenge, I use Ranger, Warrior, Cleric and Wizatd. I use the Ranger with Epic bow to snipe from the back. Warrior tanks with the Cleric behind him and Wizard next to the Cleric. With regeneration, it’s just a matter of wearing him down in room 9.

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