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Assistance with team


Unlocked my first unique and levelled up some things. Been a long time since I battled and I’m trying to make a cohesive team. Trying to get Suchotator up, since I’m in L4 and have the materials. Any advice on what should go and what should stay?

Wondering: keep levelling up utasino, or aim for Thor (having only JUST created allosino)?
Does tyrannoloph have a place on the team?
Posti, or Tryo?

Crippled with indecision!

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I’d suggest you to swap posti with tryo.


agreed, personally I’d much rather have a tryo than a posti, the potential damage off of a critical is massive by comparison


Tryo is very good at higher levels. Lacks abit of health IMO. Thor is one of my favorites so would definitely recommend.


Gotta put in Tryo for Posti. And you’ll be surprised how good procerathomimus actually is, even at level 17. Try swapping indom for procera. Regarding utasino and Thor, I’d focus on leveling up utasino since she’s already an important part of the team. Sounds like Thor is still a long ways off.


You could use more brute force, so Thor would make sense. And Tryo would be better. Thor could replace Indom.


Thanks everyone! I just never figured out how to use Tryo effectively, it always seemed like it died quite quickly.

As for Thor, that will take me ages I think (depending how lucky my fuses are and how long my sino resources hold out). Would Tyrannoloph work in its place for now?


Tryo is a beats when deployed in the right way, I usually use him to finish a dino with FS, that gives you a boosted DSR which can really hurt whatever comes out next. And vs counter attackers and shield dino’s I look for an opportunity to set up RTC for a massive DSR after that. I’ve had a couple of fights where I managed to get the double buff (RTC & FS) on the DSR, nothing can withstand that blow :smile: