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Assorted Arena Data

This is a compilation of data I’ve gathered from 60 games played in Sorna Marshed (between 3400 and 3600 because no matter what team I use that’s where I end up hovering). Contains dinosaur frequency as well as crit , stun and dodge success rates.


Wait… what dinosaurs have a 45 crit chance?

45 is the result of using Critical Strike for +40%, since all the dinosaurs i’ve encountered using it have a base 5% chance. 65% is of Ready to Crush’s +60% on a 5% dino.

Actually, critical strike gives a 60 plus on crits… so rajasaurus goes crit strike, he gets 80% for a critical.

Ah yes, but I’m sure I checked that before I put them on the sheet, so I’m confident that’s right even if I forgot just now, And I havent encountered any normal rajasaurus just rajakylasaurus

Megalosuchus when it uses critical impact does.

some really well put together data, I would have been interested to see the crit/stun numbers on each specific dinosaur as well as which dinos they were against as I have some suspicions about them working more often against certain dinos (stegodeus seems to be stunned nearly 100% of the time, Trex also seems to be stunned more than others)