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Asta is this you?



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hahahahhaah Xdd hahahahahhahaha yes if its really asta i wanted to say that i got really lucky ! i mean i dint get stunned XD but damn was his /her dino is awesome! i love it. and i wanted too add if its really him/her !


Yup, that’s me. My game timed out in the middle of the match. Lol


yes !!! … can i ADD ?? pls !!!


Sure thing :slight_smile:

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thank you and its awesome that we got to meet each other in game… like this…

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It is pretty cool. Hope the match was entertaining while I was in it. Lol

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I’ve stopped using dracocera. Lol

Check my team out if you wanna.

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Nah, I expect everyone to have it. I also remember a certain Thor eating yours before my disconnect. Lol


No disrespect, my friend. How delightfully primitive.

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hahahahahahahahhaha XD so cruel


Or should i switch it with erlidome ??