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1: Creation of clans, it would be good for there not to be a lot of clans saturation at the beginning to put a required level (10 or more) and a cost of runes to create it (not an exaggeration of runes, maybe 100) 2: the clans obviously do not have to be just decorative, it would be good to implement a clan event in which all the members have to participate (like putting a titan dragon with lots of hp and all the members can attack it once every x hours) 3: related to the arena mode, it would be nice to be able to challenge the other members to 1vs1 battles at no cost in practice mode. 4: I think it’s something obvious but ranks within the clan would be fine, (leader - colider - (x rank) - member) 5: that the leader of the clan can define the difficulty of the dragon titan (if it is obviously implemented) I would like to know what the other members think since it is the first time I comment.
Traductor Google sorry :slight_smile:


I remember the lead developer saying that there is an Alpha Boss fight for clan. So It is not gonna be decorative

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