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Asynchronous PvP

I agree that I like to debate things like this as well. But it does get to a point where the same arguments just are getting recycled so isn’t really productive at that point.

In retrospect it is ludicrous how long it took me to figure out that I was never playing real people (around 3 weeks) – the random levels really are a dead giveaway, if nothing else. So many times I imagined someone on another cell phone raging because of how I’d managed to outmaneuver their superior dinos. The moral of this story is I am stupid.

Don’t beat yourself up about it @Rabbit1157, we all start out by trusting what Ludia tells us about PvP and we’ve all kicked ourselves when we’ve figured out the truth.


Just out of curiosity, do you still believe this given what you saw during the recent Rules Tournament? The way this Tournament was set up, there is a clear and obvious pattern that any rational human being would follow when choosing a team:

  • Prefer Pteros over Amphis
  • If you are going to use an Amphi, put it in 1st spot as a meat shield

I’m not sure what you all saw, but I saw way too many 2-3 Amphi teams with those Amphis in the 2nd or 3rd spots in the roster to believe that a human made that choice - even in Dominator. I can believe that there may be some folks in Hatchling through Hunter who might just be picking dinos randomly, but in Dominator? Really? Someone has played long enough to have a Level 38 Gorgosuchus but they haven’t figured out that they should not put it in the 2nd Spot in a tournament like this?

I don’t want to get sucked into the debate, but just wondering if the recent Rules Tournament changed any minds.

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I actually was thinking the exact same thing when I was playing. Just didn’t want to belabor the point, when it’s really just one person that is so determined to see things a different way and I don’t know that any additional evidence is going to change his mind… but yes, it seems pretty obvious those aren’t choices a human would make. :slight_smile:

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Yup, you’re probably right, these teams are probably prefabricated.

I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if Ludia suddenly showed evidence that they were indeed humans. I’ve found that when you have enough people playing a game, you will see all sorts of different behaviour and I can think of various rationalizations for them. That doesn’t mean they are true of course, but just want to put them out there for consideration:

  • People who don’t take the game too seriously but have been playing for very long (probably the majority of players).
  • People running out of a competitive set of pterodactils, throwing their last few amphibians (I did this and was surprisingly successful a few times)
  • Young kids (my son is a good example, he doesn’t follow a particularly strong strategy).

I have been surprised enough by behaviour that people show when playing mobile games when there is a large enough crowd that at this point I find it quite believable that normal people playing don’t all, or even the majority, follow the best strategies.

Having said that, perhaps the simplest explanation is that they are just prefabricated. So we can just agree on that one.