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At last... a level 30

I’d like to thank my alliance teammates, there is no way I could have done this without their help.

(cc Diplopotato Love)


Must have took you 24 HOURS to fuse a rare to level 30! Nonetheless congrats!!


Gonna get Diplocaulus level 30 next? Anyways congrats :clap: :clap: :clap:

wow!! thats pretty cool congrats!!


Will you show us her stats please?

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At the Lockwood/Aviary boundary where I am now, it’s very useful - I think most of my wins involve it at this point.


Congrats! Mine is almost there, lvl 29,7 at the moment.

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I must have just versed you in the arena. I can’t see anyone else having this at L30 yet.
*Sorry about the Dracoceratops swap in. :grimacing:

Why are you around 4500 trophies with a lvl 30!? :flushed:

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Hah, because that’s the only dino I have that’s even close to that. (Next highest is 24, most around 20.)

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I am at around 3800 and I have my level 26 diplotator then the rest of my team are between 20 and 24. I may have put a little more time and energy into my diplopotato than the others…but that is the curse of L3, we don’t really have that much choice. I’ve come too far now not to take it all the way to 30. :joy:

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  1. because it’s Diplotator (what ever it’s called) and 2) That’s a bit of - - - - thing to say really.

My highest Dino is level 18…

So congrats!

Says the one that is about to get Utasinoraptor at level 9


Now use it in battle

I got my beautiful rainbow fella fully loaded today! We are ready to give some sneaky puzzles to our opponents in Aviary. :rofl:

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Congrats! Havimg a lvl 30 dino is always a nice achievement. Too bad about hiz health stat: below 4k health for a lvl 30 is quite disappointing, especially after having spent more than 1 million coins to get it to lvl 30.