At least Elizabeth returned

I hate repeating myself but when are Felicia, Jasmin, Aesha, Susan and Dahlia going to return?

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I’m glad she’s back too (for however long she remains), but she only returned because a male character that happened to have a female counterpart returned. We should’ve got her and an exclusively female match as well. In cases like this, it just goes to show that Ludia doesn’t seem to care that much about the female characters, which is insanely frustrating, especially since they cut Fei’s story just to introduce MORE male characters! :angry:
I just want Clementine and Dahlia back. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR LUDIA!!!

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I agree with you both. I am getting so tired of the same 2-3 women returning. Where are the other girls? It’s been over a year since many of them have been updated. Bring them back!

I’ve got Nicholas.

Nothing but males active on my list. :pleading_face: Kinda shot myself in the foot with the whole “any female” bit.

I’ve always dreaded it when you finish a conversation or date with a match, and I get the messaging saying [Match] will be offline for a while.
But after finishing Elizabeth’s latest date, where she leaves me to return to her own time period, I let out an enormous sigh of relief upon seeing the message saying Elizabeth will be offline for a while. I’ve never been happier to see that message than I have right now!

It’s a mixed bag as I’m vibing with her big time yet it’s time for the next cycle of characters to replace the current ones

UGH. I don’t get why don’t they get back offline characters instead of sending more and more offline. I miss my main (Emerson) and it’s been months. Also like half of the characters I’m talking with are offline. This is exhausting.

It’s because they try too hard to make it like real life where the characters come and go living their lives