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At least there's good hunting to be done this week


For me, anyway. Lots of scolosaurus, ambourgiana, darwin…

ALMOST makes up for the fact that the arena really sucks right now, and gets me closer than ever to creating all the creatures. Should only have one left by Saturday night.


Yup, its a shame I don’t have any real drive to go out and hunt anymore. shrug

I’ve really only done strike towers the last two weeks. Lol


I dart what I find when I go get my coins, but haven’t made specific hunting excursions in a while. I will this week though.

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Hopefully you get a bunch of DNA. :slight_smile:

I’ll dart what ever is around my house and anywhere else I’ve traveled and am staying for a bit. I’ve started to just listen to music when taking the dogs for a walk now.

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I took my 4 wheeler out yesterday and didn’t even bring my phone. I will have to change my name to Kodiakexhunter lol!

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