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At long last!

I thought i’d never see the day.

At last, after 1 billion aquatics, my favorite VIP.
The only dino i now need to have all my personal Top 10 dinosaurs (the ones that are in the game) is Yutyrannus.


I have the least of these also. Don’t think it’s balanced odds on the gold pack.


Same here. At least in the Jurassics, this is the one I have the fewest of… it’s almost comical how many of some others I have compared to having only gotten enough of Concavenator to make a single level 20. I have so many level 20 of some others that I’m starting to evolve them up to level 30s. Even allowing for random chance resulting in some differences, it really seems like some of the 10K dinos come up really rarely.

I’ve gotten six of them. And I love them all. I’m not sharing


Yeah everytime I go up against a high level one in a battle, I’m jealous that it will be so long before I get one of my own! My one level 20 gets used ALL the time, with her high attack and short CD time. Definitely would love to add some friends in her paddock.

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i’ve left mine at level 20. Maybe one day, i’ll feel comfortable evolving them up, but not today

I would do the same, I don’t evolve any of mine until I have at least 4 or 5 at the same level.

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The Concavenator was my first level VIP prize opening. She’s dear to my heart.

Troodon was my first tournament/Clash of Titans unlock. Another soft spot in my heart for this little super-intelligent avian ancestor.


Ya’ll have level 20 Concas? I’m super jealous :joy:
I mostly use my level 10 in PvPs.
@HanSoloWannaBe I also love Troodon. Unfortunately, i think the genus is no longer valid in paleontology


Stygimoloch never even was (a valid genus in paleontology), but I still like my sweet Christmas gift from Ludia last year!

(PS: Brontotherium is also no longer recognized, while we’re talking about errors in-game; it’s a Megacerops now, I believe.)


I’m always impressed at the paleontological knowledge of other players! I’ve thought about adding links in my dino spreadsheet for each animal to go to a Wikipedia or the Fandom information page for people that are looking to learn more about them. What do you think?


Great idea but a lot of work for you too.
You may have to enter new items in wikipedia for each hybrid. :wink:
I’m afraid that ‘most’ of them are not discovered yet.:pick:

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I begin to feel a little bit ashamed for being not so much interested in all those dinosaurs species as some of the other players are.
Just watching the movies seems to be not enough to establish such a vast knowledge.

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That’s why the Fandom site would be a good one to use… it has a brief description of each animal (fictional or otherwise), with the name linked to the Wikipedia article if there is one. For hybrids it links to the prehistorics used in creating it.



And yes, would be a bit of work but again, the Fandom site has a nice index to work from so wouldn’t take too long.

Great idea. Sounds like a lot of work, but I am sure it would be used.