At long long last


So I levelled up to level 10, and I got the one time offer for £18.49 (god knows what made me pay these extortionate prices)
But got me 110,000 coins and some t rex DNA… which led to me FINALLY getting indominous rex!

Thoughts on team atm and any changes you’d make ?


Looks similar to mine, actually. I don’t have Indom yet, but I’m 10 DNA short, so I’ll have him after my next 50 TRex DNA. I recently dropped Blue and my einiasuchus, but mine is only at lvl 15. Looks like you’re close to being able to fuse a stegodeus, which I would highly recommend.


Stegodeus is what I’m holding out for, I just find it hard to get apatosaurus DNA where I live so taking ages to get nodo to level 15 plus then getting more DNA to fuse stego