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At seasons end

I was 4,010 and recieved 2 chests ONLY, I did NOT recieve a chest for Underdark(3,500) or Infernal(4,000).

Perhaps being reset to 3250 the computer is confused or am I?

As I understand, these are rewards for accomplishments during the season!

Unless the system has changed, after being reset to 3250 trophy points you should have received the following chests at the start of the season:

  • Burntbone League (2500+)
  • Labyrinth League (3000+)

The remaining chests will be received during the season, once you pass the required trophy counts. (listed in brackets)

  • Underdark League (3500+)
  • Infernal League (4000+)
  • League of Dragons (4500+)

So the reward for reaching a lvl during a season is only awarded IF and when you reach that lvl again in the next season?

Am I the only one that thinks that is soooooooo wrong and makes no sense?

To clarify, if I do not reach 4k this season, I am NOT rewarded for my accomplishment of reaching it last season?

The chest rewarding makes perfect sense here. You are rewarded for your accomplishments when you achieve the accomplishment. When you get reset to 3250, you have already achieved 2500 and 3000, and thus get those chests. You are expecting to get rewarded twice for reaching a milestone once.

And when I’m reset to 3,250 from 4k, after the season ends, I’ve also achieved 3500 and 4k, already is the key word, and should be rewarded at seasons end.

I shouldn’t then have to, during the new season, reach those lvls again, to receive rewards for accomplishment ALREADY accomplished.

You should be rewarded ONLY one time, at season end, for the lvl that you reached!

You win the Stanley cup, as my Blues did last year, they are rewarded, as they were, after the playoffs ended, they don’t have to win it the following year to recieve the previous years cup!

You do get the reward for reaching 3500 and 4000, and you get it at the time you reach those milestones. You already received those rewards during the season.

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You already got the rewards when you reached 3,500 and 4,000 this season so you are not awarded them again. You get the rewards for 2,500 and 3,000 because you are deprived the opportunity to get those chests this season so you start by getting them. What you are asking for would amount to getting the rewards twice each time you reach a milestone. The way it is set up you get the rewards once which makes sense.