At that awkward grinding stage


So just upon realizing just HOW much DNA I need of the super common stuff, makes me feel a bit dreadful of how slow the game will be for the next few weeks.

When I’m invited out for DNA runs, I’m way behind in levels on account and individual common dinos so I’m barely able to nab the wider variety of fodder in between stops for rares.

Needing tens of thousands of collective DNA to get stuff to level 10/15 (dino depending) AND have the spillover to fuse rates/epics, not to mention just leveling my account up so my darts hit for more…

Time to bash my head against brick walls for a while.


Its not the DNA volume needed, it’s the coin cost of leveling up IMO. I max out the daily coin limit daily and I’m still nowhere near where I want to be.


I understand and recognize the coin problem at higher levels but I’m quite well below the levels of dinos that such a problem ever arises for the time being.

My coin supply is currently set on building an overall “healthy” account, NOT on specializing for my battle team(s) by setting goals for very specific dinos.

I was not what I’d consider an “early” adopter into this game, given the level disparity amongst the non-cheating playerbase.


Talking about coins, I have 55 dinos available to level up - 3 of which are in my team and requires around 30k - 50k coins to level up each. Not including those that can be fuse. Very soon the number will grow and reach 60.

Coins are being limited - despite the VIP status. Progress will be extremely slow. What game model this is? I don’t know…


That’s why people loose interest in this game… The level of grinding and lack of coins you need… Plus the other ussual stuff Ludia knows about…


It’s called p2w. You can always buy coins with real money. :confused:


You really should focus on a few to level up, not every single dinosaur, or you will have coin issues even sooner than other players.