At the moment full


Let me tell you about us:

We are a german Clan.
We are active.
We are nice and friendly.
At the moment we are 23 active members and we are looking for some People that want to grow with us. Or people that want to help us building up a very strong and bonded team without investing money.

Although we are very active we don‘t force you to be ingame 24/7. We kick people when they haven‘t been online within 7 days. To avoid being kicked you just have to leave a short msg so we are aware of.

That sounds interesting? Then don‘t waste your time and join us. It’s open.

See you later.

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Look in his eyes and tell him you won‘t join us. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy:


You should update your threads. We are currently 11 active players.
And that picture is really sweet…

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