At which point of timeline is the datamine referred to?


The article on possible upcoming hybrids and events etc, going to take place punctually in 1.5 if at all?


Just my take but I think we may be waiting a fair bit.

We just had a major update with a lot of new dinos and other changes. I can understand Ludia wanting gamers to get used to this before throwing another update in the mix soo soon.


If that’s the one from Metahub, The data is linked to the 1.6 Version, which will only be shown approximatively mid-January, taking in account the average major patch frequency is 2 Months.


It’s never totally clear when future things might be implemented. For patch 1.3 we found things in the datamine that indicated Dimorphodon was coming, plus we had the image from the loading screen, but neither were guarantees and neither ended up occurring in 1.4. We ended up getting Dimo instead this patch. And there’s some things we pulled out that may never actually show up. For instance, we noticed something related to VIP and what looked like push notifications for nearby Epic spawns in 1.4 but didn’t see it come out in 1.5.


That’s quite a long time for holding no expectations. They need to realize they can add some minor updates during this time other than low profiled nerfing dinos…


If anything, Ludia should be aiming to fix bugs and things in regular patches between major updates, but it is what we hope for…


So for the rest of 1.8 months we will have nothing to wish for. Those fun part with jwa is reading the update patch notes and the flagged posts. Now that the latter is diminished, what else can we find entertaining?


Besides tournaments, featured dinosaurs, treasure chests, strike events that reward epic and rare incubators, scent capsules, hunting for rare and epic dinos to improve your team, getting coins and dino bucks by spinning stops each day, donating and receiving dna via alliances, chatting with people about the game and battle strategy, and trying to find those last few resources to fuse for whatever dinos you still haven’t unlocked? Not a lot.



Btw, your tryko is the most formidable I ever encountered. I don’t take it shame with a 0-3 against you :blush:


You’re a great battler. :slight_smile: It’s always a pleasure to face you in the arena! My tryko just gets a little lucky with crits/counters and calls sometimes. :slight_smile:


So… will the alliance vs. alliance thing be put on the schedule? Looking forward to a rematch! :sunglasses: