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+ATK vs. +DMG

I would like to have a discussion about attack & damage.

Could anyone weigh in with regards to how the game mechanics work with regards to this?

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I am guessing you are new to not know the pros of both. I might suggest joining a newb guild and have a discussion about +damage>+attack. If you are not new play more and find out the real difference between the two.

To answer your question damage alway over attack all day everyday.


I understand Attack & Damage from table top DnD.
Roll for Attack - Hit - Roll for Damage.

Below is all the info provided by help.

Perhaps you could say more @JImbolya18

In the game information I’m reading here it says “Attack (ATK) allows you to inflict greater damage.”


If your plus attack was +30,000 you wouldn’t be doing an extra 30,000 damage but if your damage was +30,000 you would. Does that explain enough for you?

OK so what I gather ATK dump stat. Thanks.

Unfortunately the accuracy of these descriptions provided in the photo are debatable and certainly not helpful. It is somewhat difficult to provide a brief and accurate description of the mechanics behind these stats, particularly as the function and effectiveness of some can seem to overlap. Below is a brief summary based upon the shared experiences of players. Others may view them somewhat differently.

Increases the damage done to the opponent on a successful attack. Some player favor this stat for PvP.

This stat seems to have little impact on attack success (as one might expect) but instead factors into damage differently than +DMG. This stat, when properly manipulated, can be very useful during some Guild events.

The stat boosts your defenses.
It can be used effectively for PvE, PvP and Guild Events. When properly stacked, +AC can make your tanks very difficult to damage.

In technical terms it is diminishing returns for the attack and ac buffs. Perfect example is 20 billion AC vs 30,000 AC. They both mitigate very close to the same amount of damage. Plus damage you do massive damage until you reach a maximum amount of damage which has been posted in forums… That cap again is something like 20 billion damage.

Do you get it now?

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Giving analogies.
I’m thinking,

“hollow point bullet can grievously damaging to a human.” +30,000 DMG

  • unless -

" bullet evaporates on body armor." +0 ATK => +0 DMG

Regarding the game I am trying to figure out how to use ATK+ Saarvin & ATK- Farideh for Raid Event purposes.

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Hi Jackrrabbit,
I have asked the team for clarification on the difference between attack and damage. This is how they explained it to me “The higher your ATK vs the enemy AC, the greater your chance to inflict the top range of your DMG stat”

I hope this helps

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Thanks Keith :+1:

I spent a lot of time in the Sharpstone Raid playing with attack and AC (a chance to fight one monster with fixed stats over and over). This was what I found.

Attack divided by opponent’s AC is a multiplier on your damage, but there are (easy to hit) caps.

So, for example, if I have an weapon that would do 1000 damage, if my attack was equal to my opponent’s AC, I would do 1000 damage. If I have 50% more attack than they have AC, I would do 1500 damage. If their AC is 50% more than my attack, I would only do 667 damage.

But, as I said, there are caps. The minimum damage I can do is 50%, and the maximum I can do is 300%. Once you hit those caps, buffing more does nothing.

That’s why Tommus with a billion AC still takes damage. While reaching three times your opponent’s AC might seem like a difficult proposition, the ubiquity of 50% AC debuffs makes it fairly trivial. It’s also common to run into an opponent with so many stacked AC buffs that you are only doing minimum damage. In both those situations you would prefer to have a damage boost rather than an attack boost.


TheChuck explains this the best Ive ever seen it. Thank you!
If it helps, when you look at your weapons damage it gives you a range. The higher your attack, the higher within this range you achieve.

During the Sharpstone Raid I found ATK to be one of the most useful stats for me.

I really relied heavily on the ATK- debuff. It softened his attacks so that I had time to stop healing, blocking and adding AC, take down his AC and bring him down. It was great.

I think in PvP I would focus on having a “damage boost” like TheChuck mentioned. That was a really good review Chuck.