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Atlas Of Misadventure

I appreciate the efforts put forth to try and rectify the huge nerfing of The Atlas Of Adventure or XP Book!
Having aquired the book through the buying of a quest pass I took advantage of using it with hours until the quest pass was reset!2020-07-26_14-11-17 Running Heartcoil Deeps I was greatly disappointed by how fast I was once again able to fill my book and amazed that using a level 20 character the 0 XP gained is still counted as 744 XP towards the total for each run.

2020-07-26_14-12-55 Even the poorest mathematician understands that 0 x any given number, is equal to zero.
So a book that lasts a few hours rather than days requires some serious adjustment if you wish for people to pay for such items. Among the players I’ve spoken to no one thinks the changes are good at all!
Please revise to a lower XP amount even 100% increase rather than 200% and make it last the amount of hours people actually pay for.
Please continue to improve the game for the better :slight_smile:


This does help a little but is by no means a fix. a 10000XP book moves to 15000XP under the current build this would be equal to 5 runs of Heartcoil given that it’s counting 2976XP per successful run even if only 2232 is earned. I would love to hear from anyone else regarding this issue.


everyone with any understanding of the game and has at least lvl 12 characters understands how poor these books currently are. They are not even remotely close to the gem cost you have to pay. The fact that lvl 20 characters and BASE xp is counted towards them are he 2 major problems with them. I have not bought one since they change and even the improved versions are still not worth the gems spent.


Every week I am reminded of how this developer continues to compound problems as opposed to correcting them. While this change does indicate the development team is somewhat aware of the related player derision, ongoing ludicrous alterations such as this are foolish. This change is of little benefit while instead it provides another fantastic outlet for player derision.

Issue: EXP book limit

Such tinkering continually demonstrates how obtuse logic will undermine good intent. Players enjoyed the books before the developer decided to govern them. I am certain Ludia employs intelligent people with common sense. As such, I cannot see why the developers do not remove the caps. The analytics and gaming experience both illustrate the recent significant decline in player activity. It would seem to be a prudent time to satisfy players, yet the developer appears to be intent on insulting us with these inane alterations.