Attached pics of maps not loading most of today only here to complain **


Posted a screen print of your usual bugs or whatever you want to call it? Go to check on game like I do once in a while and been like this for the whole day almost.

** Why do people even use a forum of which Ludia controls ?? That’s why I’m never on here anymore !

Goto Facebook or other useful places like discord???

Anyways only here to complain how the maps not loading bye bye :wave:

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Did you post the wrong photos?


Look at the map dude it’s blank half the screen shot almost or part of it anyways and it’s been like that all day I’ll check tomorrow or next day see if it’s the same or not…haven’t had any gps issues so dunno why it’s doing this


Also just checked still the same …


If you were to get closer to those areas would the map load?


There’s nothing wrong with your map. You’re probably in a spot where not many dinos appear. I have areas like that too, and the migration has effected everything.


I think he’s saying there are streets missing. Is that what you’re saying?


That’s a key problem with suburban living. Your game map only 1/2 loads for a day and it’s a pure rip-off! How dare they!

I’ve actually had a worse day. Ran out of drinking straws and had to drink by touching the top of the cup WITH MY MOUTH!!

Where’s the TV remote? Ugh, on the other chair. Will it ever end?


What the hell are you whining about now? Dino’s are there. IF, IF it’s missing a street who cares? Dino’s are loading regardless.

But please post another monologue about how you are quitting the game, or the forum blah blah. Only to keep playing and posting. Little tiny boy that keeps crying wolf. Your act is so old.


Dude your blind the map doesn’t load part ways can’t you see it wow people


I get banned from here because I tell the truth about how garbage This game is I only come on here once in a while to complain that’s what I do!! Ask the truth the spoofer! Pokémon go rocks !! Ludia​:face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Wow, you just want one kind of answer, don’t you? I’ve been playing for a couple months, and I already know how these guys spawn better than you do. Dinos aren’t gonna spawn like Pokemon. Certain areas are only gonna hold so many dinos at once. Cities, towns, rural areas, depending on where you are and what time of day are gonna affect what you see. Not all places are gonna have 10 dinos on the map; they’re gonna be spread out. Now if you wanna see herds, go to a park. Otherwise, cut the crap.


I’m not even talking about dino spawns are you actually reading the post lol your stunned :flushed: big time!!


Well still better off than rural


Yup, you are that type of person, aren’t you? So the map ain’t loading. Wow, such a huuuuge problem. Try clicking on a dino in your collection/team, once the dino loads, go back to the map. If that doesn’t work, try using your brain and shut the game off and reopen. If that doesn’t work, then the area’s wifi is probably bad. If none of this pleases you, get off the forum and stop playing the game and wasting Ludia’s time with your “complaints”. You are entitled to nothing if this is the course you continue to take. Be thankful dinos are even appearing for you.


Dinolord, you’ve got a few null zones there. That’s not something Ludia has any control over, it’s GoogleMaps as it translates into the game. It happens, but it doesn’t affect the gameplay much in any way. They can last as short as half an hour, and as long as a few days, but all they do is make the buildings invisible.

Your posts are inflammatory, THAT’S why you get moderated as hard as you do (as I see the OP has been since you posted it as well). You’re also inflammatory to other community members; toning that down would help you get a little more support. As it is, you lash out at people who are trying to do little more than be informative; would you want to be friendly to someone who went for your throat after you tried to give them an answer?


For an average person, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the map pics you attached! In fact, I was also wondering if you attached the wrong pics by mistake!

This is a map of the area you live/around you. Others won’t have any clue on how it should appear or if it should have buildings, parking lots etc.


The top of the screen has the map blanked out can’t see streets nothing . It was from google searched it up. Thanks tho


Yea your right I looked it up days ago thanks :+1: