Attack animation(s)

Small gripe here, but it’s kind of odd that Thor’s Group Shattering Rampage is just a different camera angle of Fierce Strike, and Instant Charge is the same animation as Fierce Impact. Wouldn’t it make more sense for IC to look like the strike, as it is displayed as a quick dart forward, and have GSR be a different camera angle of FI as it’s the big swinging chomp? Would be neat if that could be fixed in the future, for aesthetic sake.

Any other weird animation decisions you’ve noticed?


I would actually like that Thor charge against the oponent like dracoceratops does


If they could work that into its model, I would totally be for that too, I just figured it wasn’t available under the Tyrannosaurid build. I’m all for making use of the Ceratopsian features.


Ferocious Defense has a physical attack animation if I’m not wrong, same with Sideflap. Group Distraction on Inostherium has the animation of an evasion move (this is probably the weirdest one).
The basic attack animations of certain hadrosaurs just look weird, the way the camera moves.


Rhinos IIT animation is weird, Titanoboa’ some escape is also kind of strange with the speed of it


You’re right! Ferocious defense should either have the immobilize/heal animation or hit with some damage!

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this guy’s toe

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