Attack bug

There is a new bug since the Halloween patch. Where you choose an attack, the game waits, and when the time is over your dino just does it’s first attack (the auto attack it normally does when you haven’t chosen an attack).
Has anyone else noticed this?

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it’s just your connection

Hey Black_Sun, there was similar mentions of this happening before, and it’s usually caused by being disconnected during the battle. The AI will take over the battle for you, using only basic attacks. When this happens, force closing and relaunching the game should allow you to reconnect back into the battle. If you find that this issue is occurring a lot, trying the troubleshooting steps here should help with this: Lost a battle I was winning

I haven’t had this issue, but still have that bug with where the timer keeps running if you choose invincibility

this hasn’t happened to me in a while. but why does it only use your basic attack? why not the best attack you have available?

Welk i could sometimes user the attack i wanted, and sometimes it would just bug out. There was no loading indicator anywhere. Didn’t seem to be an connection issue to me

this is happening a lot and it is not a problem of the connection, it is a game failure, and if to solve it you have to restart the game you lose the battle waiting to enter again. :rage::rage::rage:

it would also be nice if the game did get disconnected it would say something on screen so we’d at least know what the issue was. why is mid-battle the only time we don’t get connection errors popping up?

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