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Attack of the zombiesaurus

What is wrong with these pictures?

The LV of your V-Raptor in your current Arena. :rofl:


I believe it’s a hacker. These “undead” dinos have been happening for a little while.

Wait a second… :thinking::thinking:

Hey Smokeyjoe, Zombiesaurus? That could be an undiscovered species! This could be caused by a delay or error in the connection. There’s another player who seems to have experienced a similar issue of “undead dinos,” take a look at this thread:Denuncia / complaint

If this is happening often, contact our support team so they can investigate this. Reach out to them here at with your support key and any other information or screenshots you have.

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I’ve noticed the hackers use kentro alot. Same thing when I had a kentro kill me when I was ahead in wins.

Same. I feel like if it was just a glitch or a bug, some people would have posted that it happened to THEIR dinosaurs.

Exactly. It’s hackers wanting nothing more than to get to the top. Meanwhile, here I am, playing for fun, not caring about rank.


Screenshot_20180627-014247quiero que alguien me explique, porque este jugador, tiene el dinosaurio vivo en ese instante, también quiero decir que le saque 623 anteriormente y le di un golpe con mi Velociraptor y sigue vivo, me terminó ganando porque no lo mató anteriormente.

I want someone to explain to me, because this player has the dinosaur alive at that moment, I also want to say that I took him out 623 previously and I hit him with my Velociraptor and he is still alive, he ended up winning because he did not kill him before.

Hey Gaston_Mazzante, that is strange, that Stego should not be up and be standing with 0 hp! I would be confused too if that happened to me. This looks like it might be caused by a connection error, can you make sure that you’re playing the game on a stable internet connection? If this happens again, I would recommend you try turning your data off and back on again to stabilize the connection. If you’re on a WiFi connection, try forgetting and reconnecting back to the network.

There are also some helpful troubleshooting steps on this thread for connection issues:

If you are still having issues, our support team would be glad to assist you. You can find them here at, please also include your support key in the email so our staff can find you faster.

I was battling in the arena and the guys stegoceratops just refused to die! Had him on 0 hp for 3 turns before it eventually dropped. My dinos were still doing damage to it but it still kept going on 0 hp. I lost, of course… How can you win against something that will not die? I managed to get a screen shot with the other guys stegoceratops on 0 hp and the guys name at the end.



What do you guys think? Is this someone cheating at the game or a glitch in the game?


I think it is a really a good thing to screenshot the name of the opponent, so that Ludia can see if it is a glitch (not just the same names everytime) or a hacker that need to be banned or keep under control to have enotugh evidence to take actions against him.

You know, seeing as how many of these are Stegoceras, I’m wondering if this is the reason why I never see mine in battle. Not that she lives with 0hp, 'cause she doesn’t.

Anyone else experience this? My opponent had zero HP and was able to attack me and stun me.

The next turn they attacked me again since they had more speed.

It took one more attack on Zero HP to finally kill them


Bruh, that makes zero sense. Must be either a hacker, or a bug with the AI in game. :thinking:

Please see this topic in which we are already discussing this

Attack of the zombiesaurusAttack of the zombiesaurus

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It’s happening on the Arcadia now? How desperate are people?

Must be REAAALLYY desperate lol

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i did not know that Giga has extra health after he died :))) thank you ludia for one more lose.


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Try inserting the image again. Link doesn’t work.