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Attack or health

Which better to have attack or health?

In my opinion I prefer attack because your health really doesn’t matter unless it a gyrosphere event because the more attack you have the more chance you can get rid of high health tanks like apatosaurus

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For PvP you can prefer glass cannons as the Fodder/Main/Fodder strategy works just fine over there.
For difficult events you probably need a Health Tank of the advantageous class in the first slot to build up reserve points, and then 1/2 good dinos with high attack. Same for tournaments.

So basically you need a balanced lineup of both high health and high attack or a balanced dino with decent amounts of both.

Mainly for hard events such as infinite battles I just use a fodder because usually I have dinosaurs that don’t require high health tanks to gain points and the modded pvp I just used 2 fodders and a higher creature such as lvl 10 legendary

Creatures that are on the more balanced side are always better since they can play both defensive/offensive, but in general I think attack is better because it’s better to be able to kill, and I often find that I am never scared of vsing tanks because they just can’t kill me at all(Einiosaurus and Apatosaurus being prime examples.) Obviously there are some outliers though like Pachygalo, Plesiosuchus, and Plotosaurus who are tanks yet happen to be really good, since they have high HP while also boasting good attack.

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That’s what I want balanced creatures but most are health tanks like eniosaurus and apatosaurus but also not all attack like metricathosaurus and lytronax

In my opinion both are needed!
In PvP you start with one with a lot of life to get more action and then end up with one with a lot of attack for when you have a lot of action points!

ye they all have their own uses, as you wouldn’t put a tank in last lol.

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That’s right, you always have to put someone who has a very strong attack as the last!

This is the Strategy I use in pvp, modded pvp, and tournaments

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When I do the tournament I always use poor dinos first like Alangasaurus on 30 and Velo gen 2 on 20!
Lastly, I always put my Acro level 10!
It is not one of the best strategies because the most I have reached is 50° Predator! I finished the Hunter tournament!

This is exactly what i mentioned in my post. For pvp fodder/main/fodder works, but not for tournaments.

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Yep, tournaments aren’t about ferocity!

It works for me that way because I have higher tier creatures than that

What is your top tier lineup?

These guys


Makes sense with those top lineup you might actually just need 1 unless you are extremely unlucky with class disadvantage.

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Ten chars

I have but worst one I’ve had is lvl 30 gorgosuchus in a tournament but it was easy since the other 2 were herbivores

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Attack. According to ferocity, 1 attack is equal to 3.2 ferocity and 1 health is equal to 1 ferocity

I go for attack like my superhybirds.