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Attack order bug

I have complained about this before, but it just cost a pvp battle I should have won, so I will complain again. I had a character die and instead of moving to the next character in order, like it shows with the little hexagon, it skipped him and went to a different character and put the one who was suppose to be next at the end of the line. The one who should have gone next was low hp but had a potentially devastating attack. When it skipped to my other character it gave the enemy another shot at the one who should have gone and finished it off


It Sure Acts Funny From Time To Time!

Yep. Happens to me too.

Of course, it happens to the other guy as well. I haven’t worked out the rules for it, yet, but when I do, it’ll be part of my strategy.

I mean… since it effects us both, it’s meta, right? :wink:

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Thanks for the report, Mkb617.

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Thank you for the reply

Yeah, happened to me a few times as well. The third time, I was like, yeah something’s up. And then you’re counting on that guy to go, cause as said above, low hp but ready to really do something very helpful, do or die even. And you know this is the only way. Suddenly, you’re up. But the initiative skipped your guy. The rightful heir to the next turn… he’s now after the enemy. And the other guy, your guy, the guy who needs one more turn to be useful is next. Like there’s nothing. But you’re like, maybe this proc that always goes off can be of a little tiny bit of saving grace. It doesn’t go off… :rofl: GG.

Yeah, three times. Lost each time. Haven’t seen it done to my opponent yet. But glad to know it goes both ways. It has to right. Just not for me… yet… lolol

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Hey staff,

Just a heads up, the player group over in discord, with me included have identified a recurring bug/glitch.

At odd times, when losing a character during pvp, it auto skips the turn for the next hero of mine that is supposed to go next turn.


Turn 1: Rogue (enemy) goes, kills my Cleric who was scheduled to go fifth,
Turn 2: Paladin (mine) turn skipped due to bug
Turn 3: Wizard (enemy) goes, kills my ranger who was scheduled to go in 3 turns from now
Turn 4: Cleric (mine) skipped due to bug

Ive personally had this happen 3 times I can recount, and many others as well have confirmed and/or reported the same thing over in discord.


Also, the character that gets skipped, will flash as if it is their turn to go, but then immediately swaps to an enemy hero.

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I have mentioned this at least once myself

It is close to the bottom in this post

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