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Attack Squad Advice/Improvement around 4900

Hello everyone!

Attached is a screen shot of my current top 16. I typically am hovering around 4900-5000 give or take 50 trophies. Can anyone provide me with any feedback that I can use to improve my team moving forwards? Like a more well balanced team. Also, is that the trophy range I should be based on my squad? Thanks for the input everyone, I really appreciate it!

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Get your self a Rat :rat:

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Any advice is somewhat pointless given 1.7 is about to drop but for what its worth this is my team which is not that dissimilar to yours. I have been 5000+ and occasionally dip into the top 500 (highest being around 5450) although I will admit this last week or so I have been struggling to get back above 5000 and am currently 4900 dead.

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Thanks for the feedback, I think I’m right about where I should be then based off what you said. Thanks for the screenshot of your team too. I’m very visual so this helped a lot!

I’d put Trago in for mono personally.

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They have then lost their nullifier though - although I don’t disagree Trago is a great tank - I found my L24 Mono is great at taking out Indos and other creatures several levels high than it.

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Personal preference, but I never found Spinotasuchus that useful.

I’d probably experiment with replacing it with Tenontorex or Tryostronix as Trykosaurus counters. I find both more useful.

Just my 2 cents.


:+1: Very true - I keep mine and Dracocera for strike events

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