Attacks Miss %

Since there is a new update coming soon, can you please ask the devs to reconsider their algorithm that computes missed attacks?

Now that I’m level 10+ with legendary weapons, my characters miss a lot. Rogue gets 4 attacks and about 75% of the time misses 1-2 of the 4 attacks. The wizards on kill misses too often. It doesnt matter if its PVP or Level 1 or 16 monsters in challenges, the miss rate is way way too high. In every room in any challenge there is always at least one if not multiple misses, kind of absurd.

At level 10 these heroes are master warriors and wouldn’t miss this much, especially with legendary weapons. I’d rather you nerf the weapons than have all these misses because at least then I can plan for a strategy to use.

Thank you for passing this to the devs in advance.


I agree had a PvP where I had 7 misses and lost because of it. You expect a couple but miss% seems out of whack.

Just did a Heartcoil Deeps run with 1-Level 13, 1-Level 12, and 2-Level 11s and counted 9 misses. Another in a string of time wasting game play mechanics. They really need to tighten this stuff up.

9 misses out of how many attacks? If you played all 9 rooms it wouldn’t be weird for you to have 50 attacks, or close, between all of your characters. So if you missed 9 times that means you still hit 82 percent of the time. I would think that unless you are max level, which is 20, and and are wearing all legendary stuff… I think 82% isn’t so bad

Got through 6 rooms and died in #7. I should be able to expect an equal # of critical hit in that case, but maybe 2 or 3 of those total. Afraid it’s just shoddy gaming. And not all legendary stuff since the few legendaries I do have are weaker than the epics that have a few levels on them - another poorly conceived dynamic in this game. Level 11 common equipment, level 4 epics, and a level 1 legendary that will never get upgraded at 1 card per opportunity at a legendary card.

Has it been posted anywhere that the chance to miss and the chance to hit a critical are equal? I would think a miss would be more likely to happen even if it were real life. A critical hit would have to be darn near perfect place with a perfect swing. A miss could be where you actually total missed the person it where their defense is good enough that you actually hit them but don’t do any damage of note.

At the table, a 1 is a miss and a 20 is a crit. Should have an equal chance at both with no statistical preference for one over the other. This game is just coded to gives a better chance at 1s i guess. Whatever. Gotta drive sales of cards and whatnot.

I’m missing all the time to and some dungeons are
Twice as strong lol :sob::joy::wink:

So what would they call it when you roll a 6 or a 7 but their ac is so high it doesn’t do damage. It’s probably easier to say “miss” than to say “Hit with no damage”

Levels 11-13 out of 20 is only 55-65 percent of the maximum. And even if you are an expert marksman you would have to assume that someone at the same level would have expert defense as well. Obviously based on character class.

@Mkb617 the thing is, in this game, I already explicitly wrote, it doesn’t matter if its Level 1 or Level 15, the amount of misses is exactly the same. How in the world does a Level 11 Wizard with level 2 Legendary weapon miss a level 1 monster at least once per room? Or a L10 rogue, with a legendary weapon miss 2 out of 4 attacks on the regular.

You are correct though a 1 and 20 are critical misses. A roll below the AC required to hit is a miss.

To the others postings their experience thank you, keep the data coming. Strength in numbers, pun intended lol.

It must be a fluke then because I see a lot more misses when I am fighting at my level than I do when grinding the lower challenges. When you are playing odds and there is a lot of data and test runs, some are going to look unbelievable. If you flip a coin enough times you will get runs of dozens or even hundreds where you see the same face in a row. The people commenting in a forum like this are going to be the people who have the bad luck of missing more than they should. You aren’t going to hear from the ones who only miss what they should or miss even less

I got fed up after seeing regular misses vs way lower levels. I’m suggesting an update as it feels insanely overwhelming.

Your example is a two sided coin, 50% not a 1-20 with adjustment as level and gear increases accordingly.

The example is still valid though… even if the odds of an expert attacker hitting an expert defender were 90% if you have enough people playing enough times, you are going to have some people who miss way more than the average, and like I said they are the ones who are going to complain not the people who hit more than the average. You also tend to get a bias towards seeing what works against you. If you have ever been in a casino and really watched a blackjack table and the dealers you will start to see that the players get upset every time a dealer has a blackjack but will consider it their due when they get one themselves and it really does happen at the same rate overall

The % of all attacks are as follow. This information was giving by the moderators which I believe comes from dev, or close to.
They stated that all attacks, normal or skill shots, have 90% hit chances, 5% miss and 5% crit.

@Mkb617 I’ve posted my suggestion, you havent given any added feedback except that a coin at 50% equates to what @deathmessia just posted which is a 5% miss rate that misses at 35%, from the devs.

I was just pointing at that for randomness sakes, which by the way is actually impossible to be truly random when it is a computer program, that not everyone will be at 90% some will be at 95% some will be at 85%, unfortunately some will be at 65% and some will be closer to 99%. My point is that the more you play the more over time it will even out.

Also with the 90% chance to hit I am guessing that at the point AC and any other modifiers come Into place. So if a 7 was considered a hit but it was to low to cause damage I am guessing that they would still refer to it as a miss on the screen. Instead of like I said before saying something like “hit without causing damage. So, if 1 was a miss but 2-7 hit without causing damage and was referred to as a miss for simplicities sake, that would account for your 35%

Anyways I wish everyone the best as tired of this argument and don’t plan to post any more.
I feel like I miss way less than everyone else is complaining about. However whenever I say anything about it I get accused of being the outlier. No one seems to believe that it is possible that it is just their own bad luck, or realizes the simple truth that most of those that will take to a forum are the ones who have a complaint. Most people are genuinely happy with their game otherwise it would not be able to sustain itself financially.

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You make me dislike contributing. Congrats.

Ok I lied this will be my last comment.

I like when people contribute, and I never said that the devs shouldn’t look at the algorithm just in case there is a mistake or a tweak that could be made.

My first comment simply said that I didn’t feel that 9 misses in a dungeon seemed that high.

Later the person stated that they only made it to room 6 or 7, I forget and don’t wanna scroll back, that says to me they were probably fighting monsters higher than their own level and should expect a higher number of misses

Anyways please don’t feel like I am knocking any contribution. Even those I disagree with could potentially show me something I just didn’t see myself

Apple sustains itself financially because of their brand. Their products, pound for pound, when equated to equal PC hardware are inferior when comparing price point. Furthermore Apple has been found out to throttle and hinder their older devices when new iOS is released. I have an iPad 3 that has nothing on it and it fails to open PDFs repeatedly.

This game is sustaining itself because of the brand, D&D. Has nothing to do with the gameplay itself.

5% (from the devs) triggers more often than lets say 50%, or even 25% from other abilities. My argument has been exactly the same from my initial post. I’ve asked for them to take a look at their algorithm, and I’ve only posted this because after weeks of dealing with the inaccurate numbers I got fed up. And if you look at your original responses to me, all that was accomplished was spinning our wheels. So I got fed up with your repetitiveness. Normally you offer insight of value.