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Attempting to Draw some Creature Hybrids

(Heavily by SnakeDude lol) I’m an (sort of) amateur artist, and I’m a little stuck on what I’d like to draw. So, I’ve decided to resort to the Forums to see what wacky, cool, and strange concepts you guys can get me to draw lol. Of course, I have a life, like everyone else here, so don’t expect a drawing immediately after someone’s previous request or spam requests. I can only draw so much, so as little pressure as possible would be nice. A couple things I have in mind for yall’ though;
-Don’t spam requests (I don’t wanna get a billion notifications from the same 2 people)
-I ain’t Lightning McQueen. I most certainly am not speed, so expect sudden delays or inconveniences.
-I might take a while, since I intend on making my doodles as good and clean as possible.
-Please don’t request too much. Like I said, as little pressure as possible would be nice.

Anyways, get requesting!
(Also here’s a few of my own concepts)


I’ll start you off with this first hybrid. Alankaboa, a fusion of Alankylosaurus and Titanoboa. This would look like an armored, beaked snake with bright colors (only important if the hybrid will be colored) . Nothing too specific, so you can get a bit creative with the details.


Your art is really good! And I wish you luck on this thread and the journey that comes with it lol
Anyhow, might I ask for a hybrid between megalania, spinosaurus, and albertosaurus? Basically a superhybrid I suppose. You can have all the creative liberty you’d like, so it could be any version of megalania, spino, or alberto with any colors with any base model and any extra details, could be colored, could be a simple doodle, etc. Please take all the time you need, if you decide to complete this request of mine i thank you in advance!


Pouka, Gem and Magna! Mag’s spine, Pouka’s wings and feathers. (use brachio base, well tall sauropod)
Tails spit into two with the 3rd one going farer with sail and two big spikes on it. Head will have two long feathers going from the back of the head.

Kinda like the pic, but with feathers instead of horns. (not mine too). Will have a beak with teeth (gems teeth mixed with pouka’s beak). The sail will going down the spine but get small the farer it does.
Okay, this was a lot and sorry if it’s too much. Take your time, art is always better when time is taken. And i’m very patience Bird for these kind of things.


Current WIP’s of yours and @HolyPoly1026 dinos, hope you appreciate. Will definitely work on @Wyvernix and their demand, but where I am it’s a bit late, so I don’t have the most time in the world. Will trace with pen and color prolly, but I struggle with coloring lol


An absolute perfection. Great job on these, and I can’t wait to see the final product.


Thank you! Glad you and SnakeDude appreciate my art. Feels awesome knowing people actually appreciate what you do.


I’ve always wanted to get better at art, but I simply don’t have the time, so seeing someone bring just one of my hundreds of creature ideas to life feels amazing. I hope you continue creating wonderful art like this, and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us in the future.


Could I use creatures not in-game?

@SomeDudeOnTheForums may have a different answer, but I’m guessing that it can be anything, since Snake requested a hybrid with Megalania.

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I really want to see a titanoboa Gen 2 mixed with Megalogaia to make Megaloconda.


Update: Finished @HolyPoly1026’s request and have traced @Snake_Dude’s request with pen, hope you enjoy yall’!


Sure, request anything


Absolutely perfect. I would request another, but I won’t incase it goes against the rules. Does one request a week sound good?


could you draw a Rinchicyon + Troodon hybrid?
and a Paramoloch + Suchomimus one?


I think one request per week per person seems like a good system to prevent over requesting, so yeah, I’d say that’s best!


Current requests I will begin working on soon:

  1. @Wyvernix’s Bird Dragon thingie
  2. @RaptorJay06’s Megaloconda
  3. @Jacelin_the_apato’s Troodicyon and Suchomoloch
  4. @Suchomimid’s Ludomimus
  5. @Indoraptorex’s Ankymoloch
    6.@Snake_Dude’s Hybrid
  6. @Stygionyx1’s Stygionyx
    Current WIP’s:
  7. @Jacelin_the_apato’s Troodicyon and @RaptorJay06’s Megaloconda (Will begin working on @Wyvernix’s request, but I’ll wait until I’m done with the rest of these so I can spend as much time as possible making it as good as it can be since it’s a very complex request.)

Update: Have finally finished @Snake_Dude’s request of a Megalania, Spino, and Alberto hybrid!


Ludomimus (Ludodactylus and Proceratomimus; Procerato base). I would add one other hybrid but with the rate of requests, I think just one would be good for now.

It looks amazing! Thank you very much!
I wanted to attempt to see what it would be like to have my APEx 2 hybrid illustrated
aka this guy:


in the “style” of another artist, and that combo is one of the few ways I could think up that it could maybe be a hybrid in game