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Attempting to Draw some Creature Hybrids

Oh i see, well you don’t really have to illustrate it if you don’t want to, sorry if I didn’t clarify enough, that first request was just what I assume my APEx entry hybrid could be if ever a thing in game, and that you just quoted was me saying what I just said

Oh, thanks for informing me. Just thought you wanted it illustrated, and I do wanna try drawing it, even if it’s a little difficult.

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I have finished @Suchomimid’s and @Indoraptorex’s Ankymoloch and Ludomimus requests!


Have finished tracing @Stygionyx1’s Stygionyx request, will finish coloring it soon!


No problem, and once again sorry, if you’d like to draw it go right ahead! I’d love to see it

That looks amazing

The finished Stygionyx! Now onto a few more requests, now that I’ve finished @Stygionyx1’s request


Can I use this as my profile picture

I’m ok with that, so go ahead!

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Thanks for both

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Hey all! Apologies for not being able to finish any doodles that you guys have asked for. I’m very busy during the week, so tomorrow, I should be able to begin working on these drawings again. Thanks for sticking with me! In the meantime, here’s my current list of people’s requests:

  1. @Leopold1423’s Megalotocheirus
  2. @vineshjaguar’s Spinokotasaurus
  3. @Quetzor’s Diablospinus
  4. @Snake_Dude’s Apex Hybrid
  5. @Wyvernix’s Dragon

(Will begin working on @Wyvernix’s request, but I’ll wait until I’m done with the rest of these so I can spend as much time as possible making it as good as it can be since it’s a very complex request.)

Please wait your turn until I am done with these requests so I don’t get too stuck on these.


No problem! Take your time with these drawings. I can wait!

Just finished tracing @Leopold1423’s Megalotocheirus request!