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Attempting to Draw some Creature Hybrids

I’ve finally finished Diablospinus and Spinokotasaurus from @Quetzor’s and @vineshjaguar’s requests!


Thank you so much! It looks amazing! I really appreciate it!

Can you make a Mortem and Hadrosaur lux hybrid (Really want a apex hybrid!)

what about allosinosaurus + stegosaurus

Beautiful art! May I request
Sinokotaraptor + Megalosuchus (Kota base design, megalo spikes)
Scutophicyon + Mortem (doggo with Morty spikes)

@OmegaBlue @RagingStorm121 and @bodhen_rajkarnikar, I am so sorry for seeing these replies so late… :weary: I will get on these soon, hope you’re fine with that. I will also begin working on @Wyvernix’s request soon (Sorry for not getting it sooner!)


Its okay :slight_smile:

if youre done, i would request a redesign of Aquilamimus

I’m not gonna request again until everything else is finished, so I don’t extend the line further.

Requests I’m going to work on:

  1. Mortem Lux
  2. Stegosinosaurus
  3. Sinokotasuchus and Mortemophicyon
  4. Aquilamimus rework
  5. @Wyvernix’s Dragon Bird
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Rough sketches of all dinos requested excluding Aquilamimus redesign and the Dragon thing


Wait, Where is Stegosinosaurus? Top Left?

Top left, yeah


This could probably work on the kapro rig

were is mortem lux, bottom left or center?( Both are amazing!)

Hello all, I’m finally back, with the finished colored doodles!


love it !!!