Attempting to Draw some Creature Hybrids

Right underneath the Megalocheirus at 82 and colored it at 88.

Hey all! I’d like to provide an update that I now have a digital art tablet and may begin drawing stuff online instead of paper! I’ll of course finish previous requests from earlier this year, but starting 2022 I’ll work on requests digitally from there. (Hopefully I can make @Wyvernix’s drawing the best it can be since I made them wait three months lol, sorry about that)


i don’t wait, i wait months for my draws from snake and i don’t mind how long it takes tho


Could I request dsungaia and baryonyx gen2?

Baryonyx rig


Sure, just have to color the other’s drawings lol, haven’t been able to get to that yet.

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Hey all! I’m so sorry for disappearing for over 3 weeks now, I should have updated you guys. I have no idea why I kind of ignored these for so long, but I’ve recently decided to color previous requests and even digitally draw my most recent request!
Here’s the requests from: @vineshjaguar, @HolyPoly1026, @RaptorJay06, @Saurophaganax18, @Suchomimid, and @Albert_Bert.

(It’s been a while since I’ve actually colored, anything, so excuse my lack of skill in coloring at all haha)
I’ll be posting @Randomjwauser’s request soon, when I can actually just share the image with yall’ instead of having to take a picture of my computer/digital tablet lol.


Here’s the Dsungonyx @Randomjwauser asked for!


Where on this paper is my allotaurus and Megalotaurus? Also I’m asking kindly.

May I ask if you name them from top to bottom, cause I don’t know which is which.

Top Right: Allotaurus
Top Left: Megalotaurus
Middle Left: Caeditops
Middle Right: Megapelta
Bottom Left: Edmontoduo
Bottom Right: Allovenaraptor
Bottom Right Corner: Allovityrannus
Sorry for not clarifying earlier :sweat_smile:


I have another request. And it may be a bit much, but it’s 4(if you count Gigantophis)I’m requesting. You can do them in what ever order.

First is Arctolana. It’s Arctops + Woolly Rhino. It’s basically Arctops with the rhino horn and fur on it.

Next is Arctocodon. It’s Arctolana + Ophiacodon. It’s Ophiacodon with fur, the horn of Woolly Rhino, and a mixture of it’s and Arctop’s face. The skin also is a fusion of them.

The next one depends on what you want to. It’s Arctoserpent. It’s Arctocodon + Gigantophis. You can use the JWTG model for Gigantophis. It’s Gigantophis with fur, a horn, and its face is slightly longer due to Ophiacodon’s being slightly longer. The color of the skin is JWTG’s Gigantophis with Red like fur, with a bit of Ophiacodon’s skin color in it.

Like I said, this may a bit too much, so you can work on Arctolana only if you want.


Kaprosuchus and the new croc apex dino please

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Oh, this thread is back online? Well, I guess I’ll throw my hat in the ring. Caulkicanthus: Caulkicephalus x Metriacanthosaurus (Metriacanthosaurus base).

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Hey all! Sorry for not updating for so long and not posting anything, I’ve been a bit busy with life and all, so please forgive me. Here are the current requests atm:
@RaptorJay06’s Arctolana, Arctocodon, and Arctoserpent
@bodhen_rajkarnikar’s Kaprosuchus and Imperatosuchus
@Suchomimid’s Caulkicanthus
@Randomjwauser’s Maiaserpent
@Albert_Bert’s Monolospinos
@HolyPoly1026’s Nemyspikasaurus
@Jacelin_the_apato’s Thescelomoloch
@Wyvernix’s Dragon request thing (I’m really sorry for procrastinating on this one so badly!)
I’ll begin working on these drawings this weekend and the weekend after the next one, as I’ll be vactioning for next week and won’t have my devices to draw with me.


do you mind trying a maiasaura+titanoboa hybrid
Snake animation?

Monolometrodon + Spinosaurus. Spinosaur Base With Monolometrodon Horn.

I don’t know if you’re still taking requests or not, but here’s one I thought of when making megahybrid ideas for to Nodopatosaurus hybrids.

Carbonemys + Gigaspikasaur, using Gigaspikasaur as the main body shape: Gigaspikasaur’s back armor becomes the shell for this hybrid. Instead of having lots of spikes protruding from the sides of the armor, the spikes are part of the shell, and are thicker and larger but not as sharp. The hybrid has more of a beak-like mouth due to Carbonemys DNA, and its scales are thicker, but still retain Gigaspikasaur’s bright coloring.

my fourth request here would be Thescelomoloch, a superhybrid of Ovilophomoloch and Pyrritator

Here is the caulkicephalus information link!Caulkicephalus - Wikipedia. I’ll prolly get suspended for this.

suchotator + spinonyx

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