Attempting to Draw some Creature Hybrids


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Hey all! I’ve decided to draw your requests on paper for now, but then, in the summer, when I have significantly more free time and more time to improve my digital art skills. I hope you all are cool with this!
Also, here’s the list of requests I have to take care of:
@RaptorJay06’s Arctolana, Arctocodon, and Arctoserpent
@bodhen_rajkarnikar’s Kaprosuchus and Imperatosuchus
@Suchomimid’s Caulkicanthus
@Randomjwauser’s Maiaserpent
@Albert_Bert’s Monolospinos
@HolyPoly1026’s Nemyspikasaurus
@Jacelin_the_apato’s Thescelomoloch
@Jumpjoob’s Suchospinyx
@EpicThoradolosaur983’s Nasutomonotops
@Wyvernix’s Dragon request thing


Thanks so much

I did @RaptorJay06’s Arctolana request, and I will begin working on Arctocodon and Arctoserpent soon!


Looks amazing as always, can’t wait to see the others!


Here’s an idea: Scorp G3 and Dsungaia. Besides the fact that it’s an absolutely bizarre combination, it’d also have that apex look to it since, you know, it’d be an apex.

Hey, just asking for an update. How’s it coming along? Just wanting to know, not impatient or anything.

Sorry for not answering or updating, I got suspended on the forums for about 2 weeks so I couldn’t tell you guys anything. I should have time to draw your requests, though.


How come?

I mentioned datamined info in a comment a while back, should’ve been more cautious about that.

Here’s @RaptorJay06’s second request, Arctocodon! Honestly, I’m really proud of this one, way better than the Arctolana one.

(It’s gonna take me forever to finish all these requests lol)


Sniff it’s beautiful, it looks so good! Excited to see Arctoserpent!

Not impatient,but whose requests are you almost done on

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Hey guys! Sorry for being gone so long. In order to get these requests done, I’m not going to take any requests until I finish the ones I have now. Hope you all are cool with that, and sorry I’m being really slow on this…


It’s ok
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