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Attention all newbies/starters

Every player on JWTG who is at least level 35 or lower… I NEED YOUR ATTENTION!!!

Ya see, I’m kinda a loser compared to how ridiculously awesome other peep’s posts are with all their fancy-shmancy dinos, hybrids, high levels, and VIP passes. (Honestly, I AM a loser myself.) But, you guys are actually one of the very lucky people who, if you’re not paying through the game, are getting spoiled by Ludia’s events and have a good spirit. You’ll eventually get to the top along with all the other people because of, as I mentioned, Ludia’s not-so-big but easy-to-win events. I mean, you could get a Velociraptor by defeating a level 20 Utahraptor once!!! (That event was in Fear the Raptors, which is already expired.)

What I’m saying is: just do your best and you could get to the top. If you wanna see my park, just comment “Puppy Park”… or something like that. I dunno.


Puppy Park. Levelling up is simple and easy,just keep completing the missions and doing the battle events everyday,hybrids come in later on , Alangasaurus is the easiest hybrid you can create. Hybrids serve their best purpose in tournaments . Wait till you reach level 50,after that you will have your trade harbor unlocked,so it will go very smoothly after that point. Level up using decorations after level 50.

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Okie dokie! Thanks for the tip, @anon43877113! Plus, I do already have a Lv. 20 Alangasaurus, but it’s kinda hard to see.

Here’s my park so far:

…And, yeah, it’s a bit crowded, but I was planning to make it more organized once I got it fully occupied. By the way, the two Shunosaurus you see in the Incubators are from MOD battle prize wheels. Yup, pure luck. And as you see, I got them an hour between each other. But I do have a couple Aquatic creatures so far, I just thought it wasn’t really that necessary to show ‘em.

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Keep grinding,you will get Spinoraptors and Rajastegas,I have gotten 2 Rajastegas from the Prize wheel.

I have also started to grind them
1 shunosaur
1 suchummimus
And i have only played about 10 times the modded pvp

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@Dino_Rex, this is a quite unusual outcome of the Mod PvP. Normally you get jurassics 1 out of 4 times. Soon I will show my outcome of farming Mod PvP over 1 month with 10 games a day. So you will see what a normal outcome is.


Hi @anon43877113 my dinosaurs are:

Go to the news section in the mailbox and collect the DB,I got 100 DB from there yesterday. Once you reach level 30 keep grinding Modded PVP matches. Do not waste space kn roads and also do not waste decorations,I see you have a Jurassic park t Rex statue which is a very valuable decoration which is not available for purchase in market,use it around your top creatures for coin production.Argentinosaurus and Triceratops are best for where you are,try with others later and experiment with common hybrids after a certain level.

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Ok. Yes sir. @DaWise_Weirdo

My level 20 alangasaurus:

Max it,it will be much more helpful,but not just yet. But soon when you have other stuff,probably when you have maxed super rares and legendaries at level 20.

Level 40 dinos produce the most coins (and a bit more than their own lower levels).

That said, you want to balance your team. Don’t have one super strong dino. You PvE events are based off of your strongest 3 dinos.

Keeping 2x Level 20s is ok.

I’m a much higher park and I keep some of my strongest dinos at level 1.

I didn’t get my first legendary until 40 something…

I’m quite lucky since few days I guess getting half the time Dino’s in modded pvp

Just as a warning, Alangasaurus Lvl 21 is a HUGE jump in ferocity, at least for me.
My 2 Lvl 20s are 5th, out of the species count and not individuals, and my Lvl 21 has the highest AFS for me, followed by a Lvl 7 Deinocheirus.


I want to say that a dino is about 2/3 of level x1 of what it will be at next (x+1)0 level.

So, a 200AFS at level 11 will be 300 at level 20.

Using the dino spreadsheet or clicking on the dino in the paddock and selecting the next level group up, you can get a rough idea of where you’ll evolve too.

Huge jump in ferocity? Could be the case for you,varies. I will freely take a jump in ferocity as long as the cooldown is suitable for multiple uses.

Wowwie… I mean, at least you got it! I just got real lucky on that and I haven’t paid for anything on the game (with real money) so far. What was your first Legendary?

Ye… I got it too!

Wowwo! You both must be real lucky!!