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Attention all newbies/starters

Speaking of ferocity, I don’t know if it’s a glitch or not, but my Level 3 Majungasaurus acts like a Legendary dino in Code 19. I don’t know if it’s being mistaken for my Lv. 40, but… yeah. Also, all my rare dinosaurs are acting like Commons in the Code 19. Plus, I don’t know if Ludia is a psychic and can tell the future… cuz’ code 19 sounds a lot like you-know-what.

And… uh… just a couple minutes ago I got a Rajasteja from that prize wheel. I didn’t even expect anything like it.


If you have a full group of dinos, you will get harder code 19s/more rewards than a mostly empty group with a L40.


Okie dokie. Thanks so much for the answer, @Timmah!


There is a post on the forums about maximizing Code-19 rewards that goes into some depth on it.

Be real careful with that Rajestiga as it might be considerably stronger than your other creatures.

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I don’t remember exactly…technically it’s Mastodonsaurus (VIP creature) but if you’re asking for just a normal legendary I think it’s either Ichthyostega or Ostafrikasaurus…can’t remember.

I thought Rajastega was a week to hatch…turns out it’s not.

Yep… I just put it in the Hatchery when I took the screenshot, so it’s not a week.

Ah, okay. But that’s pretty cool!

Tournament Hybrids are all 7 days.

Legendary hybrids other than the I-Rex are less than 7 days. (A couple are 6 days plus hours)

Really? I never knew that. What’s the maximum time limit of hatching? Is it a week?

I will! I know already that it’ll be very tough to handle, especially since it’s a Legendary hybrid. I can’t imagine dealing with it in Code 19…

He means don’t level it up. Leave it at level 1 or carefully move it up to your other top dinos. If you max it to level 10, you might have some really hard PvE events.

The hatching limit is 7 days.

Oh, okay. Yeah, I don’t even think I can really level it up much anyways because it’ll risk my food amount, or even take all of it. I’ll at least try and keep it at level 3-5 for now.

Also, thank you for the answers, too! I’m glad the limit is only a week though, because it’ll stress a lot of people out if it was any longer.

Got it. Here’s my top dinosaurs on my team based on ferocity:

This isn’t causing me too much trouble in difficulty, it’s actually helping a lot. But I will remember to be careful with levels until I’m prepared for tougher opponents in the future. As you may have seen, I’m only Lv. 30.

Ferocity is attack x 3.2 + Health.

Raj’s Ferocity at Level 10 is 2875. I don’t know what it is at level 1, but I think it is about 2/3 of Level 10, which means it will be around 1900F.

Your top dino is 933F.

PvE events are based on your top 3 dino’s Ferocity.

Leave Raj at level 1. You may need Raj to complete a lot of your events going forward. So, you’ll fight, wait out the cool down and fight with Raj again.

I had similar problems when I got a Dimetrodon and my son leveled it to 10.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as what you’ll have, but I pretty much used him for everything. His cool down was 52minutes.

Raj at level 1 will be at least 3 or 4 hours.

Good luck.

You may want to start grinding PvP modded for some of the other high end dinos if you struggle to help balance things out.

Worst case, sell Raj for the DNA if it makes the game too hard.

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Don’t sell it! Unless you really badly nerf your team, it’s better to just have to skip some events than to sell off a really good hybrid which gets back only half of what it costs to buy it.

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I probably won’t sell it, but I’m gonna have to keep track of it for sure. I’ll probably keep it at least level 2… maybe 1. It sounds really complicated to handle, but I’m sure I could do it. Like I said, I most likely won’t sell it (or even fuse it to level 11 for that matter). Not yet.

You can also keep it in the hatchery. Although if you don’t want to do that I 100% understand/

Not at all complicated, any time I would hatch (or evolve) something I knew would be at the top of my lineup, I would leave it at lvl 1, open up one of the battle screens to check and see where it fell, and then feed it a step at a time until it was at or above my best creatures. Just taking a little time before feeding a newly hatched creature to check its placement in your lineups is a good discipline to develop.

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