Hallo everyone fans and staff!

I would just like to suggest everyone to like / thumbs up as many post as they like, this way there is higher chance we get it to the Staff, also comments on the posts you like or if there is a thing or two you dont like.

Arena trouble… So after i have played this game for a while i noticed it is very had to find a match in Arena 7, and if you do most of the times it is bots (Insanely OP). The reason for this is that the dinosaurs you can get in top arenas is Crap… Baryonx Gen 2? is bad why would this be arena 7 exclusive dinosaur? other ones such as Ophiacodon, Argentinosaurus is bad aswell, put them down in the small arenas. Stygimoloch gen 2 as Arena 6 exclusive? thats just wrong aswell… The problem is there is no real point in people staying up here, hence why we keep meeting bots.

Improve the roster of Incubating dinosaurs in higher Arenas and give us better rewards in general up here, you only get like 1 more rare per common incubator each arena higher.

Like many other people suggest aswell, allow us to be able to buy “flares/traps” that lure in dinosaurs like in pokemon go, those you would have to pay real money for a be very lucky to get in rare or epic incubators perhaps…

Anyway i really hope the best for this game, it promises well.