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AtxRex2 are Recruiting!

AtxRex2 are looking for a handful of new, active members to join our friendly, chill US/UK alliance.

We aren’t the strictest of alliances, we try to keep JWA to what it is meant to be, a game rather than a chore. We keep our requirements to a minimum to allow for a free flowing, fun experience. All we require from our members are;

  • 10 tournament takedowns in each weekend tournament.
  • do your DBI each day.
  • speak English, communicate with us.
  • adhere to our dedicated, sanctuary officers requests.
  • must have 2000+ trophies so you can participate in the tournaments.

That’s literally it! Above all else, have fun and help each other.

In return for your cooperation and commitment, we can offer you the following incentives;

  • level 8/9 weekly mission incubators
  • 380000+ tournament reward incubator at the end of each season.
  • busy, 24/7 Discord channel for successful raids, including Apex Dinos.
  • frequently maxed out DNA requests, including epic Sunday’s.
  • at least one, level 20 shared sanctuary
  • dino specific sanctuaries
  • dedicated, alliance only Discord server for help, feedback, requests etc.
  • a fun, friendly atmosphere allowing you to grow your game.

Discord is mandatory, although recommended as it’s an easier place to communicate and raid with each other. If you would like anymore info on our Discord server or indeed, have any questions etc on our alliance please contact me on Discord DinoMilk#7926 or alternatively, contact Raptorpops#2329.

Only serious applicants need request. Please do not waste mine or yours time if you are not serious and onboard with our requirements.


If discord is not required

Not required, no. Entirely up to you. Send us a request if you’re interested!

I will share my profile by tomorrow :relaxed::relaxed:

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Providing you are happy with our alliance requirements, we would gladly accept you and help you on your JWA journey. I will invite you to the alliance now.

Hi! Can I please join the alliance? I can do tourneys and have a few legendarys. @Richard_Williams

Sure. Send us your profile and I’ll invite you.

Should I send a request

Yes please

Hi @Richard_Williams . Can you please send me a request to join your alliance? I will contribute to the tourneys.

Here is my profile.

Am I okay to join?

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Nice team!! I have sent you an invite @vineshjaguar

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Thank you @Richard_Williams !

Just bumping this up to advertise 3 more vacant spaces within the alliance, due to end of tournament players retiring or leaving us.

You won’t regret joining us, we keep it fun but rewarding!

Any requirements for levels or trophy count?

Nvm I didn’t read fully

I request to join, I hope to be able to join :slight_smile:
Btw the user name is fusion

Welcome FUSION!

Sure. Nice team. Discord is mandatory so if you don’t have it or want it that’s fine. We just use it for raids etc.

Send us a request and I will accept you.