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AtxRex2 are Recruiting!

We have 2 vacant spots available as of now. Very high achieving alliance, friendly and cooperative.

Hit me up if interested.

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I am interested I sent a friend request on discord name on there is bushnberries . I do 10/10 every week in tourney and am very active.

AtxRex2 are looking for two more, active and friendly players.

We are improving day by day, now well inside a top 300 alliance. We aren’t as strict as the top alliances, we appreciate this is a game and not a job, however we do ask you play daily and do your DBI each day and your 10 tournament takedowns each weekend. We also manage the sanctuaries for you, for maximum gain. Aside from that, it’s pretty much as you want.

We reach tiers 8/9 on the weekly missions, occasionally tier 10 when we have a good week. We also reach rank 8 on the alliance tournament. We have one level 20 shared sanctuary containing the most popular and elusive Dinos, and a whole range of smaller, Dino specific sanctuaries where you can get maximum, dino specific DNA.

We have a complete Discord server for raids, help, free cash etc, shared with multiple alliances so there’s always someone available to raid.

If you are looking for somewhere to advance your game, raid all bosses, including Apex, somewhere friendly and sociable but not overly strict, we are your alliance.

We are English speaking, with most members from the UK and USA, although we accept and have a few members worldwide.

Please contact me on Discord, DinoMilk#7926, to discuss further if you are interested.

I just got into Aviary
Looking for a tourney focused alliance

Hi. @Train Do you have Discord? We can chat further on there if you want.

I don’t have discord

@Train Would Discord be something you would be open to getting and joining?

You can then be part of our raids channel, which would see you raid and defeat all raid bosses including Apex. It will also allow us to communicate better with you and vice versa.

It crashes so I don’t think I will be in dicord

Hello, would love to join. Sent an in-game request as well. Ty!

Hello @Zuul Do you have Discord?

I’m working on it now

Brilliant. Once your set up, friend request DinoMilk#7926 and I’ll introduce you to our raids channel.

Ok, all set up, friend request sent.

AtxRex2 has 2 or 3 spaces available for new, active players to join a top 250 alliance.

We regularly achieve rank 9/10 on our weekly missions;

And all our members compete in the tournament every weekend, resulting in us achieving rank 8 by the end of the season;

If you are looking for an active alliance, who competes in all aspects of the game, but don’t want an overly strict alliance, keeping the game fun rather than a chore, then we are the place for you. We also have a dedicated Discord channel for raids etc.

To request to join, please contact either DinoMilk#7926 or Raptorpops33#2329 on Discord, where we can have a quick chat to make sure we are right for each other.

We still have a couple of vacancies available for anyone interested.

Can i join

Hi @DinoIsaac360 Have you got Discord?

Update - We still have two slots available for anyone interested.

We are a friendly alliance and we will help you take your game to the next level.

The two vacant spots are still available

wait a min i think I know crocmaster

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