Augmented Reality Games are not doing it right


Edited: The post has to be rewritten to be more focused on this game and limited in scope.

Some FUN ideas first before I dive into the negatives
instead of darting just one dino’s DNA, wouldn’t be nice all DNAs from the same genre of dinos can be converted? What’s the point of Triceratops Gen2? how about give the option to convert to Triceratops at low conversion rate, in turn it will be converted to SinoCeratops at an even lower conversion rate? You can do 1 conversion every 24 hours, you can accumulate total of 7 conversions before it is full, so use them wisely. Isn’t it more fun to see Tarbosaur as your future t-rex?

darting and collecting dart/coin are just repetitive mini quests. how about some variety? escort? avoidance of stampede /predators? trace footprints? triangulate/map nests? looking at the tree tops and buildings for flying dinos?

introduce plants. It is a WORLD. So many things you can do with it, so few resources you need to implement it.
Events doesn’t have to be in or near parks, you will get more plants in or near parks, in turn you can concoct scents to lure Event dinosaurs to any supply drop of your desire. not related to the topic, but just to add in here: STOP gimping players due to geological features which they have no control of.

How about shoot me some dinos and hang their heads, I want to Drone the the dodgy beasts (epic dinos) with a big fat missile so I can collect DNAs by the ton and its liver! This is Murica’! This my right! 2nd amendments! and stuff!

The “augmented reality” part (aka. what you do in the real world) is never the true fun part.
The fun I think we are having are from the accumulation of things after lots of effort. We usually call this “The Grind”. Collecting dart and darting is the grind. Right now, it is important, as that’s the “lots of effort” part. Do you really explore a different place everyday? or just trek the “optimal route” to minimize road time to maximize the darting/collecting? Being a routine is part of the grind.

There is certainly joy if you suddenly encountered a T-rex, but the “joy” part is really born out of the repeated encounter of the plain. This is more akin to “kill 100 boars because it has 1% chance to drop something good”. it is another aspect of the “Grind”.

Making grinding the sole progression mechanism exacerbates the Grind, without putting a limit on the grind kinda makes it worse
Basically Developers mandate players to go outside to brace the elements (sun, wind, rain, snow, traffic, insects). It without writing an essay about game play incentive. I consider it as a “mandate” because it is the only way to progress any where in the game. Because there is no cap on how much you can grind, the mentality of “every minute I am not grinding I am left behind” (The coin cap thing was just an anomaly, not a real cap). The lack of cap may be appealing to the hardcore players, but are they the group generating the most revenue? How many of you hits coin limit every day?

The darting mini game in particular doesn’t work well with the elements (sun rain etc), increasing the unpleasantness of the grind. That’s why driving or GPS spoofing on a computer much much efficient and better.

I personally is affected in another way, I live in remote area, I can not even grind properly if I want to. So none-urban players there is no incentive to be competitive nor pay nor stay for the grind.

That’s why Arena is such a distinguishing feature that makes this game stands out.
It is actually fun, highly variable, none of tediousness. (The bot thing and raptor thing are just anomalies)
It takes effort, more importantly it takes experience and thinking.
It gives reward, very good ones once in a blue.
It is capped by how much you can do per day, so there is no compulsion mentality.

The Collecing DNA premises is…a bit copy-paste-y
At least PoGo is about “Collect them all”. We are collecting DNAs to… build dinos? shouldn’t just one sample of DNA be enough? we need a progression mechanism, yes, but this is more like a background-story-GameWriting thing that is a bit forced.

Do you just want to go and dart, go and dart, go and dart, go and dart, just to watch some health and attack numbers grow? or Do you want something more than just that.


It sounds like AR games just aren’t for you. There are thousands of non-AR games that are probably more your speed.


If JWA was just merely about collecting dinosaurs, then the game would get boring pretty quick. Never paid a dime for pokémon go, nor the walking dead our world. JWA relies on luck, skill, and strategy. Maybe this game just isn’t for you?

If you would like to collect, without having to move much, I’d recommend The Walking Dead our world. It’s just repeatitive head shots, rescuing survivors, clearing infestations, and collecting cards. The real world mapping to the game is loaded with multiple events around your area, giving you plenty to do without actually “going under the scorching sun”. After a time
duration, the events reset, giving you more opportunities to collect.

I find the augmented real world mapping to be the best part. It makes you go out, move around, and explore. Honestly, If it’s too hot, slap on some sunscreen. I hunt daily in 104+ degree weather, and am constantly putting on bug repellant when needed… it’s just routine at this point. Finding rares is easy if you have the dedication, and a positive mindset.


It is fun and all to just throw out cool ideas, but just to be nuanced a bit, I am aware game play is a subtle art, not easily mastered and nigh impossible to get everything right.

Just for the darting mini-game alone, there is wisdom in the design. The darting process requires quite some dexterity, it doesn’t function well under the elements (sun, reflection, rain, etc), it doesn’t work very well unless you are on a flat surface. However it is designed so to accommodate many other things:

[1] In order to include the sizable population that take public commute and travel long distance as passengers, Ludia didn’t put a speed limit on darting and collection. But Ludia also need to forbid darting driving at the same time. Thus the current precision based darting mechanism is to strongly discourages you from driving and darting at the same time. This may not sound like much, but notice the purpose of the mechanism is to “strongly discourage” instead of “disallow”, you can still dart and drive at the same time, but you won’t get much. That is the golden rule of game design, always incentivize, don’t create hard barrier.

[2] sutler monetization mechanism that is not blatantly noticeable between VIP players and normal players.

[3] Looks more fun from a marketing perspective. And for new players.


OP has a point, though, just one sample of DNA should be enough to create the Dinosaur :stuck_out_tongue: I understand why we need to get more, but the logic is flawed. Now, if instead of getting DNA we were actually hunting the Dinosaurs (to protect them as we are supposed to be the DPG) maybe that would make more sense.


Dude, no game is forcing you to go outside. And even if it were just another regular day, what do you do? Go under a scortching sun, through wind and rain, dealing with the biting cold and traffic exhaust. So either you play smart and make sure you have the supplies needed to keep you warm/cool, make sure your car has working heat and ac, and you’re good. As for collecting dna, I’d rather have thousands of dna for one creature than a million of it just to make it stronger.


I never specified it takes skill or strategy to dart. I’m talking about the game as a whole. You aren’t making sense, I clearly just stated that AR mapping is the best part. Walking around, exploring… you know exercising.

Moves may be watered down, but regardless still require strategy. A dinosaur can be even deadiler in battle if they are used right. There are so many factors in the aspect of arena battling for there to be little to no strategy/ skill.

I merely suggesting to you, to play a game like the walking dead that may favor rural players. I’m perfectly content with JWA, and it’s contents… i’m not the one complaining.


Fair enough,
however, I maintain, the current game play encourages drive and dart, not exercise and dart.
That is inevitably attracting the current rampant “spoof-GPS and dart”. It is faster, more efficient, and guess what, you dart more DNA too, on a stable, nice indoor, big screen computer with comfort. Instead of on a phone you have to hold up and can’t see anything with sun and reflections.


Every post you make about this confirms and solidifies that you don’t like AR games as a whole, so why do you keep playing them? Regardless of whether or not your criticisms are valid (some of them are because you offer solutions, but some of what you’re doing is just complaining) you DON’T enjoy AR games the way they currently are, the very core of them is what you’re most against because you don’t like the way you need to go outside to do things. Again, I’m going to suggest you play one of the thousands of games that ISN’T augmented reality because those are more in line with what you seem to enjoy. Even TWD is a lot of grinding and to actually progress you’d need to be open to going outside and exploring, and that’s one of the things you seem to find the most boring. Ludia has another Jurassic World game that isn’t AR and doesn’t require any exploration of your surroundings, and there seem to be more alternative features to enjoy in that one. There’s no point in continuing to play AR games when you don’t like their most fundamental components.


I’m hoping for more variety in AR games. Also encourage exercise. Liked these ideas. A world of possibility and we get games so similar.


OP does have a point. Although I’m generally enjoying the game as it is and as it was intended, you’ve got some interesting ideas for what an augmented reality title could potentially incorporate.

Not sure this is the game to implement those due to how different it would be, but I’d be interested in seeing where that kind of game could go.


I don’t want complexity. That will drive me away. I like the game as it is. Simple and straight forward.


There are some interesting ideas for sure. I like the game as it is too, but… Following dinosaur footprints? Phone shaking due to herds getting close? Dang, that sounds great


You are equating AR to Map-Scrubbing. And you are right, I don’t enjoy AR games they currently are. Just because all major AR games right now happily copy paste from PoGo’s predecessor Ingress, It doesn’t mean AR games should be like the current “same minigame, but it is outside!”. No one is against the getting out and play in the real world part, I am all against getting out only to do “stamp collecting”.

There’s no point in continuing to play AR games when AR games’ fundamental component is like this. This is my meager attempt to steer this ship.


Then don’t play AR games, simple as that.


If you prefer the status quo, by all means, be. No need to drop one liners that doesn’t serve any purpose here. please go dart somewhere else.


Coming from the person complaining about AR games. You’re beating a dead horse here by saying how bad they are, when in reality some are actually good. This game is still new, so of course it’s not gonna have everything (and it took 3 years for PoGo to start trading when it was supposed to have that from the start including pvp battles). If ya don’t like them, don’t play them, simple as that. No need to flood the forum with any more time-wasting complaints.


thank you for bumping it then. time well spent


I don’t know why you’re getting so offended by people pointing out that you shouldn’t play AR games. You keep saying over and over and over how much you dislike them so what else are we supposed to say? Are your ideas good? Yes. Will Ludia even read this thread? No. You don’t like what AR games are now, you made this whole post about that, so the logical sensible thing to do is to play different games, not get offended by people telling you what you already know (that you don’t like them and are wasting your time playing them)


I think I know their kind. They’re the kind where their opinion rules over everything else, and they don’t accept reasoning. Not a healthy way to live.