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Augmented reality themed dinos

The AR feature is my favorite in this game. I would like to see very often depending on the day or season some new animations. The idea came to me in Easter. For example I would like to see AR dinos interacting with an Easter Egg or Easter Bunny. During Christmas you can add dinos wearing Santa’s hat or pulling Santa’s sleigh. The summer you can add dinos wearing sunglasses and swimwear. Then there are the international days. Today you could add a dino interacting with a rainbow since it’s the international lgbt day. You can add a dino dancing in the int. Dancing day. A dino wearing a medical mask in the international health day. And so on. You can do it like Google doodle and add an AR dino every day. And you don’t need to do it with all dinos. Just with a few or even one is ok.

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That would be cool- hard to implement but pretty neat! I’ve also always loved AR, use it on the daily to exact revenge on my brother, it’s fun to make a T.rex ea- what was I saying? You didn’t hear that.

Ludia… can we have an AR option to eat someone? Pwese?