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August Clash of Titans

Gorgosaurus has been revealed as the next Clash of Titans, beginning Saturday. So if it starts on time, don’t finish Test Your Strength on Friday


Good advice, but I do not need one event more or less to complete Clash of Titans in time. I am not sure too if an event that starts before Saturday will count for the Clash, are you?

For me, Gorgosaurus being the Clash of Titan creature feels like extra VIP points, DNA and Bucks sense I already unlocked it.
But I’m sure for others, it’s very good considering you need it to make an a powerful aquatic hybrid.

Yes! Got the CoT both unlocked AND completed today, nice to get the extra s-DNA too but most of all really excited to get to work on my first Gorgosuchus, the tournament for it was the first one after I started playing the game so just had to watch and dream while it passed me by, seeing everyone else so excited to be able to get it. Usually I only use one hatchery at a time for these 7-day tourney dinos, but I might make an exception for this one! At least I have a head start having already gotten two of these from lotteries, so that would take me 2 weeks to hatch out the remaining six. A long time to tie up that many hatcheries.



@Mary_Jo, I feel your pain. I have a hard time justifying hatchery time for some of these when I have better dinos available for battle. As my ever deepening dino line up grows, I’ll eventually get to everyone… I want a level 40 of everything eventually!

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My hatchery was empty after the discount this morning and then I did all the events, custom trades and now I have some more to hatch.

Got to keep it clean :wink:

Is there any event or custom trade that gives you a Monostegotops? I assume it’s a VIP thing

Nope just had enough SDNA from PvPing and the “fight for fusion” put me over 1,000 so I created it so I don’t forget about needing to hatch it later on. I tend to forget about the Super Hybrids since they are not typically displayed as far as how much SDNA you have.

Sigh, I hate that the hatchery discount ALWAYS happens in the middle of the night for me. Completely missed it again this morning. That’s definitely one of my big wishlist items for Ludia - having a second time for the discounts that they only have one time every week, so that everyone can have an opportunity to get them. I have an alarm set for the Thursday one but that’s only because it’s fairly close to when I get up anyway… Tuesday’s is WAY too early for me to the same thing.


Same for me, not in the middle of the night but in the middle of my work.
I am struggling to clean up my hatchery, but I still have 44 to go. Most of them are legendaries and hybrids.

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The discount happens from 4 am - 6 am for me but I get up for a run around 5:20 am so I am clearing the cob webs from my brain as I clear out my hatchery. Yes more frequent would be nice but I understand why they only offer it one day a week.

I’m not sure I do. If the goal is to get players to spend their DBs on speedups, a discount only works towards that goal, because there’s something about a discount that gets people to spend cash on something they weren’t even planning to get. I know that’s the case for me, I’d be far more likely to use the speedups if a discount popped up.

Another clash down…

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First clash ever is done.


Ooh i still wanted the snake …

Yehaw! I’ve unlocked Gorgy two weeks ago! I’m playing this game since one year and I joined VIP to get my 2nd favourite dinosaur at the lottery , but without succes a whole year but finally I unlocked him!!! Thank you to everybody who voted for the Gorgosaurus :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile:


Congrats!! I’ve maxed out all the tournament creatures already but I still voted for Gorgosaurus just because!


Awesome!!! It’s such a great feeling to unlock a dino that you’ve been trying to get for so long.

You just kind of stare at the unlock animation for a few minutes like…FINALLY!!!


Thank you :blush::blush::blush:

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Thanks :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile: