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Aurvandil’s Rainbow Hen

Episode reference: Defenders of berk: fright of passage

I would love to have a rainbow colored chicken as referenced in this episode.

Aurvandil’s fire rainbow hen

Possible description: “Every 10 years Aurvandil’s fire comes to Berk along with Hofferson’s Bane. On this specific occaision Snotlout was tasked with obtaining a rainbow colored chicken to gain access into Ruff & Tuff’s hideout from the flightmare”


If it’s not the same as the Thawfest Hen, they’ll need to differentiate the two if they include it in the game.

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I’m positive they are different. The description I gave alone differentiates the two. And they could also just have the chicken look exactly like the photo I attached instead of the stripes of purple and orange that thawfest hen is.

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It’d be interesting to see.

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Cool idea.

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i do still find it a little weird they added chickens to a dragon game and asheep and dragon and her dragon /donkey babies from shrek

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