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Aussie critters (New alliance looking for members)

Have just come back to J W A after about a year off and have started a new alliance… Looking for active hunters of all levels. aussie critters

Hey Hellhound, during these Alliance Championship times not many ppl are looking to find alliances, if I remember correctly you started the original AustCorpGen1, well we now have an AustCorpGen2 if you want to join, we are already highly active and if you are able to play in the Alliance Championships we would be happy to have you back, if you want to join us, just request to join AustCorpGen2, if not I wish you good luck on your journey to find new alliance mates!

Hey mate, yeah it’s me (hellhound from the original alliance) i sent a request to join back with you guys but couldn’t get in as it was full… I got and invite back but once again couldn’t join as was full. I’d like to join back if there is room

yes I opened up room recently for u to get in, u will have to leave your alliance if you would like to get back in, alright thanks!

Oh ok sweet I’d like that, thanks I’ll do that now