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How many players are there from Australia that use this forum?
What’s your location and your zone?


Hi! Central West NSW


Hi there I’m from Perth WA my zone is locale 4/3


Nsw hunter valley, I am z3 but if I drive and couple of kms I hit z2 and z4


Darwin, NT - no idea on zone but get Tric Gen 2, Apatty’s and Diplos’ - both at home and at work…


You are z3 like the majority of people, welcome to hell haha


I play in Sydney. Normally in zone 2.


Sydney player here mate :slight_smile:


Add me Australovenator #8524


im in sydney

add me

Dantheobscure #3797


Southern Highlands, NSW. Zone 3 (ugh)


Hour south of Perth WA


Randomly my local is now 2 instead of border of 3 and 4 I don’t mind at all! tentorex and Thor progress FTW! Anybody else in Perth WA notice the shift? Happened either just before 1.5 or after it dropped!?


Flying to Brisbane (Southport) for new year, can’t wait to hunt daaaawn ander.


Here a player from Perth as well Solvek #6350 feel free to add for friendly challenges and whatever :wink:


I’m from Adelaide. It’s been quite hot recently for hunting…