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Is Austin the only character being brought back? My Vampire has been gone too long. My single dad has been MIA. I miss ALL my guys. Can you give us a hint of how much longer it will be?

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I understand you so much T_T. They have been saying that they are working in a schedule but hope they can give us a hint or to get that scheduled revealed soon… I have my 24 matches in grey and can’t wait to see them back.

Oh yikes, 24!?! I think I have 8 lol. How long has it been? It feels like forever doesn’t it? I am bored with the waiting. I like a bunch of other characters but no match, which is frustrating cause this app is taking up space for no reason it appears :sob::sob:

I really loved the game so I went for all the matches I liked T.T And I didn’t start playing not long ago but I think their stories ended too fast… And yes, it feels like forever. T_T I still check all the time my phone in case I get another chat back.

I’m bored as well but somehow I was feeling good because I got Austin and Noah back but well… again it seems they will be away for a long time. :_(

I hope they can do something asap because as you said, the app is taking up space for no reason :’(.

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For reference, I’ve been playing since September and have been waiting since then for many of the characters to return.


O_O you have a huge patience, wow.

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