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Auto Battle


So basically I rarely play this game anymore. It is a shame but it takes up too much time, more specifically the fighting does.

So my suggestion is simple. You allow an auto battle option in game. This mean the computer will play for you. We know the computer is not always great but most of the time you dont really have to use your brains. Obviously you will still have the option to play yourself for those really tough battles but most of the time, letting the computer fight for you might attract the players such as myself back into the game.

Thanks and I do hope this gets added onto the game soon before it is too late.


I don’t feel like the battles are a waste of time. On average, it takes me 40mins-1hour to complete all my daily battles. As far as my park management goes (evolving, hatching, feeding new dinos) it’s really lax. I cannot see anyone playing this game for over 2 hours at a time, unless maybe they play PVP exclusively.

With that said, I don’t see a need for an auto-battle option. You either work for the dinos/rewards/resources, or you buy packs. Making an automated system really only hurts the players who actually play/pay the game.


Agreed, no need for auto battles.