Auto canceling click on maps

Am I the only only experiencing. When I click on a Dino or a supply drop 3/4 of the time It just just clicks away and act like I didn’t click on it it’s super irritating. then when an epic pops up and you’re not even able to dart it because it just clicks away and by time you click on it again it disappears. It’s costing a lot of DNA add a super frustrating please take the time to fix this bug


No, same for me… Just another buggy update, same as every update. They’re really bad at coding.

Same here, annoying as heck.

Same here. It is very annoying.

Same. Hope it gets fixed when the old Supply Drops return

Probably the most annoying bug this game has had yet :roll_eyes:

Yep another bug to add to the 800 bug fix’s every update :joy: who they kidding

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Very annoying. I hope they will fix it soon

You’re 2 years late. :joy:

Necro-posting (reviving old threads).