Auto-complete or change speed (2x,4x,8x,...)

Hello @Ludia_Developers @Ned,

Alexandre from LionHeart here, we have a group of 125 people so this suggestion is community based.

Alot of people are leaving the game because it stoped being fun and started to be alot of work to grind 3chapter events, having to do 2 chests a day to get the 3kTP, regular TP events, alpha battles, arena…it’s just too much.

Since most long time paying costumers autoplay across every quest it would be nice to have an autocomplete or at least a speed up option(2x,4x,8x,… speed), it wouldn’t be so timewasting and people wouldn’t be getting tired of the game so fast.


Omg, yes! I Swear that a speed up button would be a great addition to the game.


Thanks for the suggestion, Alexandre!

I fail to see the necessity of this feature. And I’ll prove this in 3 arguments:

  1. The battles can be autoplayed for those who are bored and would rather they do other things in parallel. They allow you to do other things and actually have a life.

  2. If you’ve played any wargame, you would have seen there’s actually a lot of wait between march, attack, and return - while you rarely have a marching speed boost. And rallies are even worse.
    TU… is not like that. You can choose whether to battle on auto or manual, and you just do the battle, which doesn’t last more than 2 min in average.

  3. The problem with battles are bugs and the lagging.


Unless Ludia is planning to add more features, in which case we’ll really be running short in time :stuck_out_tongue:

I do see any valid arguments there.

  1. If you’re playing some event with 10 nodes, it’s not like you going to leave the phone everytime you start auto-playing one node, you’re going to wait for it to finish and play the next one.
    The suggestion is precisely to allow you to actually have a life and more time free to live it, because time looking at autoplay is wasted time.
    I can’t think of any reason to be agaisn’t it besides having too much time in your hands, it’s not like it would be mandatory, would could still play it manualy or slow mode if you like it more that way.

  2. Can’t see how comparing a war game to a tile game is an argument.
    Like you said…we can choose, and we would still be able to do so, just 3 options insteed of 2 :wink:

  3. Don’t understand how that’s also a argument or how it’s related to the thread.


I prefer auto complete. Must quicker.
I realized now that playing and working is very tasking. that arena battle, sometimes i got kickout of the battle for being AFK for to long.
Also my smartphone is very warm after completing ALL TASK; arena, alpha, daily grind.

I wish they add this option into the game


Alexandre, we don’t have to agree. In anything really.

But I’ll counter-argue anyway.

  1. I prefer to play it manually as I’m the quicker gamer, and because I’m not at the stage I would auto everything. Level 7 and higher must be manual or the pc will get them wrong.
    But I auto the easy stuff and use the waiting time to do other stuff, in parallel. Not housework though.

  2. This game contains battles, if you haven’t noticed. And I’m comparing the duration needed for here and a game like that - King of Avalon (from Tapjoy) for example. I’m telling you this is better.

  3. It is, for the game disconnects mid-fight, takes ages to load the battle, the tiles, it freezes… If it was working as intended it would already be faster.

I would love an autocomplete and the same for arena. There is quite a bit of time between, choose quest, start battle, load battle, select auto play, then you could actually do something during the battle, but then get rewards, restart cycle. Its better than playing manually, but still quiet a bit of time. I haven’t even played arena in weeks, due to not having the time to manually play.

I have the choice to play manually if I want, 95% of the time I don’t.


I‘ll quickly jump in here: To me it seems like you still do a lot of quests manually and that‘s fine, I‘ve done that for a while, too.
But atm I reached a power level where I only select a rainbow team and auto at least 4/5 nodes of the daily 4h quests and I will auto at least 8/10 nodes for trust events.
I don‘t got the time to play them manually and I tend to forget about my device laying around with a victory-screen, sometimes that leads to not going through all stages because I got important real life things to do within playing.
So a fast-run-through or skipping function would get me to do all stages quickly one after another and not squeezing them into little breaks one-by-one.

My game is not glitching apart from some (lately new) infinite loading screens either at the beginning or the end of the battle.

So what exactly is your point about a fast-auto / skipping function being unnecessary? Only because you don‘t need it?


That feature… wouldn’t come around free. And it may also make battles longer so you’ll need to buy the boosts to do normal battles at the speed of now. That’s my real concern, for ludia is all about money grabs.

The auto feature isn’t even good enough, makes the matches wrong several times over that once I got to lose an easy level (7) due to this, I started doing more stuff manually. I don’t trust it period. (Now even for quest 2 on anything daily, with the current mess-up and half-job at fixing it.)

Game has actual serious problems with the bugs (- these consume double the time for me -) and improper ban policies, I’d think these take priority… over any new feature that will turn out to break the game more than fix it.

We already are spoiled with the auto play function as it is in my opinion… it alows us to grind and actually have a life.
This game requires hard work , patience and dedication.
What do you expect from Ludia to handover special dragons without putting in any effort :crazy_face:


You don‘t really think that Ludia will ever care about bugs known for almost a year that they haven‘t fixed until now?
I simply gave up on asking for bug fixes, I‘m only hoping that the game remains playable. Most of the bugs I‘ve been experiencing were killed by slow game-play and a huge RAM. It‘s sad, but that was the only way to deal with most of the bugs.

The auto-mode always matches the best match tile-wise (so biggest number of tiles matched) and uses specials instantly. It doesn’t care about the color of the tiles or where they are placed on the board. So yes, of course you’re able to lose a battle by playing auto if your dragons are not strong enough to overcome a period of matchings on the side which won’t take any enemies down.

I am able to win the 10nth stage. Some times with revives necessary (special TE like Valfury), but regularly not so (usual TE like Hookfang). Explain to me how I could lose a level 7 on a regular TE since I had been auto-playing it for weeks?

I know the answer; auto is not so great.

So much for “best tile management” heh. I do much better manually

At the same time, I constantly struggle with the bugs which eat time off my day I have no way to “auto”. Can not skip the bugs.

Yeah fighting is kind of slow and I really am getting bored fighting the first few nodes that are too easy for my team. Indeed fighting manually and my team would be at least twenty percent stronger than auto play but it’s hardly necessary when enemies are so weak. Speed up and auto-play multiple nodes are both quite appealing ideas.

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