Auto fill raid

Please stop using auto fill expecting to be flurried. A level 19 omegalobottoms is not going to cut it’s hair in any raids higher than common. I see all these low level indotatortots too. NO!!! Stop with your baseline parasautethops. NO!!! Start removing these people when you have control of the lobby. Instead of removing them, remove them. Fill em with color. Dump the whole damn paint bucket on em!


OK, I’ll tell everyone who plays the game.

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Ludia’s fault for not getting a working chat function in before implimenting this. Most people wouldnt know what creatures are good for the different bosses. Indot is good in the arena, not so much for raids. They’re probably picking their best creature, not that it really helps anything.


I think in 2.16 there adding a better chat for alliances and hopefully raids

Wish they introduced the chat first, worked out the bugs that would come with it and then bring in the random raiders.

the auto fill raid is a nice concept but it should have been added along with chat at all i already did some rares and epics raids with auto fill but legendary raids and higher i always do with my alliance

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I like it tbh. Yeah the random people wanting to get carried are annoying, but I just leave said raid and search again. It helps that I don’t have to throw out a message in discord and wait an hour for enough people because of my annoying time zone lol

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It’s not a bad thing tho, as the base works well in many raids. Its the people, who has to know when to do strikes & when to heal.


All perfect responses. And yes, the chat should have come first.


Raids are meaningless.

Better to give everyone free DNA.

Why spend all that time and play after a model.

100% guarantee to success.

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You’re obviously not in an alliance? Raid are great for many reasons. It does help making a stronger bond between alliance members, including lower level players. You help them do the raids, they grow faster, and stick around.

On top of that, why having 300+ dinos if you do only use 8 of them. With raids, you get to use all kind of dinos. Plus, you rake combat missions for the alliance. PvP would become extremely boring if that’s the only thing we could do…


one guy joined a legendary raid with a level one common
thats why i kicked him

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This feature could be so much better. Been in too many situations Epic and higher where “know-it-alls” bail on a perfectly valid team, or “connection issues” waste the valuable time we have in our day to play. Underlying issue is how convoluted game play is general and how unnecessarily difficult some of the raids are given the rewards are so ridiculously small it makes you wonder why you play in the first place.

As a lead you have responsibility to ensure the success of the team. Kick people out who clearly don’t know what they are in for. Perfectly fine.

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Best feature ever helping a level 9 velo or a 21 parat through to success is amazing im simply amazed at how many low level players there are and i bet they appreciate the raid success considering 90% of the playerbase doesnt have discord or fbook etc!

The audacity of a newer player trying to use the features of the game as they are intended! How dare they!

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I agree that Raids are meaningless as they are currently designed even more so with auto-fill. A better balance of difficulty is desperately needed to warrant the miniscule payload.

Raid is a great feature as explained by comments above, so is the auto fill feature - with some issues though. Through the past experience of raid autofill, I have experienced both being carried and carry others as long as the team and Strat seems to stand a chance. I appreciate those in autofill who carried me forward and adapting with different dinos in order to suits the Strat, so I aways check Strats beforehand to make sure our time invested here are not wasted. In return, I would refrain from kicking others unless it is absolutely necessary with absurd low level or the unfitted. Not sure if this is the best idea but perhaps only as a possible solution- when autofilling, set limits to the minimum level dino, like some strike tower or toury do, so that there aren’t many unfit dino popping up in autofill.

Another issue is that auto fill raid still takes quite sometime to coordinate and more often it just freezes with lags so one have to constantly cancel and autofill again.Not sure it is because bad timing or some other over-crowded issues.

Raids at this point are basically an alternative to pvp that if everyone knows what theyre doing there are only winners and no losers on the other end

Time to increase the rewards on the incubators. Reward us with coins already for sitting through 3 rounds of endless counter attacks since its the only type of raid we always get. Maybe no boosts to still give you a reason to do pvp

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So far I do pretty well with auto fill when I have 3 of the 4 creatres needed to win.

I helped 7 players through the Mortem raid. I had time to help 1 through the Hadros Lux raid last nght.

It would be nice if they added some coins to the incubators to make it worth the time to do these multiple times. For the most part, I just don’t have the time.

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