Auto fill raid

even with a chat function that won’t fix the issue of people choosing the wrong creatures for the raid in the first place. The problem is so many people who play this game have never heard of a raid strat in their life (I know I didn’t when raids first became a thing - I only learned a little later because I was on the FB fan page). When players are that disconnected from the community as a whole, it makes it very difficult to get raids done with them because they often do not understand raid mechanics at all. They might have a decent creature, but if they don’t know when or how to use it in a raid, the raid will fail. I wish there was some way that you could share a strat in the game for people who are newer to raids, or at least some sort of lobby chat beforehand to tell people what is needed for the raid, but tbh, so many of these newer raids are so complex, unless you actually understand what is happening in the raid itself, it’s very hard to keep up.