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Just wondering. Has the idea of auto-fuze for the game ever floated around? I’m sure it has.

It’ll be nice if the system can be implemented sometimes soon. It’s tiring and dull to fuze a dino with 1250+ DNA before level up and you have 50,000+ DNA available to make it happen. But instead, you have to press 100+ times on your screen for 10 DNA while you do nothing else in the meantime…

Basically, the auto-fuze system would give you an option where the ai will will automatically fuze the entire DNA needed to level up rather than doing it manually one. It won’t consume extra DNA or coins, it just do the whole fuzing steps in one go. You will then be able to chose if you want to level up the dino yourself before doing it again.

Took me about 1 month to get my suchotator up to 1000+ DNA and its about 70% ready before I am able to level up…


I’ve suggested this previously in a different way. My idea was basically to have a way to fuse for more DNA. Take Indominous Rex for example. You fuse 50 Rex and 500 Velo, you’re guaranteed at least 10. However, what if you could fuse 150 Rex DNA and 1500 Velo to get a guaranteed 30 DNA and have the same multipliers on 10 fuses on these larger fuses. Basically meaning you can use more DNA to guarantee more DNA whilst still having s chance to get more than you paid for

so true! Take that Purrolyth-fusing, for example - took forever!
And what’s more, I’d like to jump directly to the creature I’ve just darted, without having to change screens and scroll there awkwardly …

While I’m at it: who could ever want to see ‘99+’ possible fusings/upgrades?! (Apart from the fact that any smaller number shown there has always been vastly wrong,) why cannot one set some kind of filter, in order to just the ones one is keen on fusing?