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Auto-Hidden posts and flagging abuse:

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I have had some helpful posts hidden for an unknown reason and by the time it reappeared the OP had either moved on or gave up on the question!

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Same here … even with using completely g-rated language, I find posts get randomly hidden.

By the time they show up, it’s either too late to be valuable or it’s lost in the thread

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Allot of times I make a humorous remark that gets hidden for some reason or another and by the time it comes back the joke no longer makes sense!

Me thinks the forum filter is a comedy critic!

Btw in the months I have been here and the 1000nds of posts and threads members have only flagged me a couple of times! 99% of mine are hidden by the filter


I agree bud!

That filter makes absolutely no sense! getting flagged for using g-rated language even :innocent:

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Ludia is putting RNG into posts…


Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes it makes sense to have it. I’ve seen some really crazy and dumb things on here :joy:

I just think having posts blindly hidden before they even show up gets disruptive

we have tinkered with the filter settings again today, let us know if you see improvements


In light of above maybe this is outdated.

Forum filter doesn’t like numbers. If you use facts and maths it’ll hide your post. Probably trying to be anti spam but written by someone who doesn’t understand Url query strings syntax.

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Thank you very much @J.C !
Appreciate the quick response!

I just had a post from weeks ago filtered and edited several times. What the??:joy::joy::woman_facepalming:t2:


Haha… reminds me of a Snapchat conversation when you completely forgot what you were even talking about before :joy:

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This can happen when we merge, or move topics.

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Ahhhhh gotcha thanks!!

This post was initially hidden by forum filters. For which reason is beyond me ^^

I have to ask everyone the question: what’s the most baffling post that you have had flagged/and or blocked? I am not interested in a Ludia bash, I am merely making light of the absurdity of some of the auto-flags, so please only post acceptable content

This post has been flagged for abusive language.

Just kidding. :smiley:


I had a picture of my dog with a blanket over him blocked :grin:…maybe it was because he was nekkid under the blanket lol

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Occasionally I may talk about RND and use a percent sign. Or a number. You know the in game text.
Auto Hidden.

Got a warning for posting a screen shot with names hidden. Moderator assumed I hadn’t hidden names. Eventually got them to actually look.

Have had one warning for a political comment. It does seem way too walking on egg shells for a forum that might as well be unofficial considering the lack of Q and A with Ludia staff.

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something as simple as saying why a post was auto-flagged would be helpful. sometimes it seems for no reason. it would help keep conversations going without an 8-hour delay for a post. and also save moderators from having to spend time approving totally innocent posts :+1: